You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.




I don't know how to use 2K3, so I'm using this as a test. UWAAAAAAAAA


Face: Link
Chara: Link

Name: MiSea/H4ppY v1ru$/KatanaHiroshi

What are your thoughts on the 3-Tile Rule?
A rule that restricts people. It became the basis of the RPG Maker Community but I still follow it wholeheartedly.

What is your idea of a wonderful game make session?
A time where everything is silent and I can think carefully. And also, the time when your inspiration inspires you to create the game you wanted to show to the world.

What is your favourite genre of game and why?
I maybe dedicated to the horror genre, but I'm going for the adventure genre. I mean, I'd save the princess myself! And that could mean you.

How often do you gammak?
Every day, I do and think gam mak. No matter the stress I have, gam mak is my safe haven.

What's your best game-centric pick-up line?
Are you a game? Because I want to play, love and remember you forever.

What do you look for in a husbando/waifu/game make partner?
A person who gam mak. It's pretty simple but I'll take it.

What got you into making games?
When I discovered RPG Maker Games, I wondered that I could make games... and I did. Now, I'm doing it for my loved ones... including you.

What are you most proud of, game-wise?
Creating an RNG System that is unique on each and every map. Seriously, that takes a lot of work to pull off.

Do you believe in love at first site?
People disagreee about this... but this is actually true. I can certainly relate, so I say yes.

Are religious undertones in a game important to you?
No. It's just religion and I respect it but it is or not important at all.

What is the prettiest game you ever played and why? Am I prettier?
It has to be... umm... Asura's Wrath. The visuals are too complex that a PC can't handle it. Imagine the visual effects inputted into it. Of course, you're prettier. After all, you are invaluable to me.

What is the last game you made/played, and did you enjoy it?
Mica: Apoptosis... maybe... maybe not.

What have you always wanted to implement/create but haven't yet?
An RNG Chasing System with complex ideas inputted into it... too bad, I did it already.

What have you contributed to our sositey?
Of course! From articles to sprites, I did it just for everyone else! And of course, reviews are still coming up. I'm doing things for this wonderful society! Especially you.

Where do you come from, where do you go, where do you come from Cotton-Eye Joe?
That is one thing that I will never know. Haha!

Rips, RTP or custom? Discuss.
It depends on what type of project you're making. From fangames to original games, you have to know that each and every project is unique, yours included.

Are games art? Discuss.
Of course! Games are art, since they are created just like paintings! Seriously, you're also a masterpiece to me. I mean, who created you in the first place?

Do you indulge in gammak abuse of any kind? If so, detail.
I gam mak and I refuse to study my lessons... and even though that I am, I still get high grades for no apparent reason. Trust me, it's hard to detail it for you.

You've just been told RMN is going down indefinitely. What do you do?
Bro, this is the last site that has been good to me. RPG Maker VX was down but if this goes down, I'll go down as well. This is the only site I've dreamed of... and I never wanted it to go down the drain.

2k/3 or XP? Explain.
I don't know... Ruby or C? SHET, I CAN'T CHOOSE! UGHHHHH!

What is your favourite RTP sound effect and why?
Scream.wav... because, I want you to ScreaM for me!

Which corner of the internet would you take me on an internet date and why?
FHM... if you know what I'm saying. *wink* *wink*

Gameplay, Graphics, Story or Sound? Which do you prefer in a date?
All of me, loves all of you. It's what makes a game... and right now, we're in our own beautiful game.
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