You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.



2021 Gaming Diary

Progress Update:

WaUTaH wants my soul. I'll be playing Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, especially if WaUTaH surpasses my playtime in SK:SV.

Addendum 1: If you're wondering why I'm at 30 hours in, it's because I am playing it on Nightmare! And I'm still at Level 30.

Addendum 2: After 40 hours, I have finally finished the game. Huzzah!

2021 Gaming Diary


Wolfenstein: The New Order is easy when you have solid aim. Too bad I can't see some stuff most of the time and that my aim can die due to this weird issue I have with my wrist. Nonetheless, it was a banger to just headshot some N-n- (bleh), you know. Imagine having that as your dystopian world. Can't get any worse than that.

Next up will be finishing WaUTaH and Amnesia.

Someone pls stop me from getting Senran Kagura Reflexions my want for Yumi is becoming hardcore that I think I cant live without her aaAAAAAAAAAAa—

Addendum 2:
God has spoken. My motivation is necessary. Time to play the entirety of DMC.

Addendum 3:
DMC3 Done. Next up, WaUTaH and DMC1.

2021 Gaming Diary

You know what, I might as well try this as well.



Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus(Finished at Jan 8, 10:23)
Wolfenstein: The New Order(Finished at Jan 11, 23:07)
Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition(Dante Only, Will Try Vergil)
Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening(Finished at Jan 17, 18:57)
Devil May Cry 1(Finished at January 23, 23:11)
Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson(Finished at February 14, 10:09)
Senran Kagura: Reflexions(Finished at February 17, 20:32, other routes soon™)
Devil May Cry 2(Finished at February 19, 17:49, Lucia route unfinished)
Assault Spy(Finished at March 29, 15:32, Both routes at highest difficulty as well as other modes)
One of You(Finished at April 1, 00:45, all endings)
Tomb Raider (2013)(Finished at April 26, 10:17, 100%)
Black Mesa(Finished at May 6, 01:24)
Helltaker(Finished at May 14, 21:50, 100% including Examtaker)
Half-Life: Episode 1(Finished at May 22, 22:16)
Half-Life: Episode 2(Finished at May 23, 15:48)
Resident Evil 7(Finished at June 23, 18:22, DLCs yet to be finished)
Lunch Lady(Finished at June 24, 00:44)
Aveyond 4 Series(Finished at July 7, 20:08)
Seen(Finished at July 14, 16:31)
Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal(Finished at July 19, 20:08)

In Progress:

Devil May Cry 4Ongoing
SanitariumOn Hold
Senran Kagura Peach Beach SplashOn Hold

Bucket List:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
The Coma
Monster Hunter: World
Senran Kagura Estival Versus
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Outlast 2


Hitman: Absolution

RPG Maker games obscurity iceberg

Corpse Party deep hits different

Vaccaria Sings 2: Electric Vocaloo

I'll make the first song by the next week (because of college, euck). If you guys have any suggestions, send them now so that I don't have to die the moment I finish the first. :P

Vaccaria Sings 2: Electric Vocaloo

A long time before, when my name was still KatanaHiroshi, I had a topic specifically on singing some random songs. As the year ends, and I got a new (podcasting) mic, I wanted to do some singing again.

Some of the rules of the previous topic still applies, but I'll be more open to some suggestions.

I might do an entire song as well (if I feel like it). So, get your suggestions ready!

Also known as possible future regrets part 2

Goal setting!

Finish Japanese lessons

Get a part-time job

At least finish two games

And lastly

Finishing the 50+ backlog I have

Imagine getting a PS4 Controller only for it to not work in the current iteration of your game. Pain-peko.

Have you tried DS4Windows?

Pretty much what happened so far. Still not working without external scripts. Talk about an odd setback.

Ah yes, I didn't bought a $5 controller and went with the $40 headphones and $20 mouse.

And also my credit card is on hold. Absolute pain-peko.

how to stop making horrible horror game ideas

Since there is no question mark I guess you are going to teach peeps?
Id like to know! I haven't made a first horror game so it might be useful a information to have

Step 1: Make draft

Step 2:
Solution: Make a horrible horror game

Step 3: Mindheck everyone into believing it's horrible on release.