You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
-repent loci- useless ap...
She keeps doing weird things, they all claim she's a witch. Why does she keep it up, while apologizing?



RIP Fingers 20xx-2020

Died to the phenomenon known as fighting games.

It already died the moment I started the Veteran part of the missions.

Every RPG Maker game's inspiration falls somewhere on this graph.

author=Sgt M

That means my game is just outside the boundary.

that sucks

Next Event Team Scouting

Katana why is your samurai guy twerkin

The butt's not even moving wdym

Next Event Team Scouting

Graphic - Can edit stuff, but only up to that point.
Script - Ruby (because Python legacy skills xd)/JS (speaking in HTML, but it's still the same anyway zzz) experience . But I haven't made an entire script... yet. XP - VX - Ace (with Sa Ilalim ng Gabi being a case in point for my entire coding life.)
Sound - Can VA. Can edit stuff. Cannot compose.

Valentiny Event

*insert unnecessary single meme*

[RMVX ACE]Transferring An Event From A Separate Map

You can use the Reproduce Event script by Eshra in tandem with the Napoleon's Map ID. The script has a persistence function (if you want it to remain in the map after transfer) in case you want it to stay in the map or not.

And yeah, it's still cloning blues, but it's functional nonetheless. If it's something like, say, a chasing event then you might have to edit Game_Player and then use the reproduce event script call.

All of this pixelated cutscenes make me wanna do a full-length movie of some game any moment sooner...

For context, this is what I'm talking about (made this recently.)

Great, now I'm really tempted to do something RPGmaker related.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

On the 26th I will update OP with list of who gave what to whom.

Well that's the last time I add my name on a readme for a secret santa present xd.

Anyway, thanks for the review. Can't stress how important it is for me to pretty much polish this game and publish it next year. Though I can't guess who'd be my Secret Santa.

Merry Christmas everyone :^)

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

creates extremely late gift and leaves it at the porch
h*ccing leaves faster than a chomnker