You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.



A.I. Generation and RMN's Stats

kentona finally thought of numbers :o

A.I. Generation and RMN

you guys should change the rules more, the forums got so active all of a sudden
henceforce all DBZ fangames are banne

i cant believe kentona would say that im crying and shaking and

I think doing that would've been counterintuitive to the fact that we're not just against AI generated content for bloating the site, but mostly because of the fact that we think it's unethical. I don't think the ban would've been put in place if our only concern was that it doesn't look good, but the bigger issue at hand is that:

- It's trained off of the work of independent artists without their permission
- It reduces the visibility of human artists, not just on this site, but on places like artstation or twitter where many of them depend on their visibility for their livelihood
- It poses the risk of replacing many jobs in the creative industry, which is already a pain in the ass to get into

I'm in support of the ban not just because I don't want the site to be filled with soulless AI crap, but also because I appreciate RMN for taking a stance against something that threatens the creative industry - one that I am trying to be a part of.

Definitely. What I said was just one part of it: a literal hassle for anyone. And I should've iterated that it shouldn't be phrased as the 'easiest' solution. Because any other would just be against what was already talked about. It still is fucked up that even out of all the jobs that AI is competing for, it's the art world that hits it the most. And the fact that what I've seen in Twitter so far are just ridicule and ableism against artists is just as good as an indicator as to what their intention is.

Also yeah, how else am I supposed to say 'skill issue' to AI artists? (don't harass users though pls dont banne me huahahuhuhu)

...In an environment where their games aren't banned/warned/frowned upon for using AIs, most of them would've probably do that happily and voluntarily (a good percentage of them, at least) and so it would've also been easy for us to filter them out if needed when searching for games, etc etc.

Man, if only there was that environment. Sadly, it just isn't here. Plus I do have faith in the mods here to do their work and catch anyone not abiding the rules.

Not kentona though. Stop being lazy and think of numbers :V

Maybe A.I. can do RMN's stats

kentona, you can't just laze off! think about the numbers....

A.I. Generation and RMN

That's why you grind up your exp and put forth effort to learn and grow. 'tis the rpg maker way.

So, you're saying that the Level 100 boss at the start was a tutorial boss?

Jokes aside, yeah. It's always a grind regardless. Some take a long time, others fairly easier. If anything, time will always be the worst enemy for everyone.

As for my stance in the topic, well, this is quite the easier solution as opposed to having already working mods to have to put tags out of nowhere. Or even bother adding in new mods to deal with this. This site works on volunteering for this stuff unless Liberty finally decided to give us Makerscore allowances each month. And considering how old this site is, I wouldn't be surprised having to add a new tag would be quite the disastrous attempt (obvious personal experience). Plus the anachronism stew.

And for anyone having complete doubts about AI overtaking your jobs. Don't even bother, really. If AI can't even do basic math, you might as well consider your job safe. Yes, there are LLMs that can do these sort of stuff but even then they tend to hallucinate the wildest answers. I don't think putting in a JS plugin would help solve the Map Tree Error, buddy.

my game's database is just like my life—completely all over the place

Clean it up. Get rid of all the bad actors and delete all the unnecessary gear clogging up space. Any items that you haven't used in a while should also get tossed.

Then do the same for the database.

surprisingly a good quote. im taking that.

Sucks to be you

i cant believe rpg maker legend kentona would say such things :(((

Pillar of the World

what the dog doing

if rpg maker 2k is so good, where's the sequel

It was so good it skipped 2k2 and went straight to 2k3!

the true 2k3 origins. my eyes are now open.

Can we all just... chill out?

cast an ice spell then

How to Make a popular RPG Maker Game

you should probably look up survivorship bias, i wish it was that simple

It was simple. The problem was just not accepting the factors that made those games popular.