You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.



Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

Does anyone else need constant validation that their venture has merit, or is it just me?

That implies that some of the billions of people in this world also don't have the same thoughts. Still is valid, considering that this is something that's given effort. You'd want some feedback from it, after all.

don't talk to me or my game ever again

sorry buddy, you don't have early access for that

Speaking of pokeymans, i never did the voting for Kids Design 3. But then again, it never got the critical mass of submissions needed to facilitate a voting round. Oh well.

Once they reach adulthood, the event is just going to be a throwback because we'll never be able to make a full game.

Any issues transferring files from Rpg Maker VX Ace from rpgmaker.web to the Steam version?

Ah, I see, I see. I'll also point out what Marrend said about the screen shake—it's basically fixed so it's a matter of checking the versions of your scripts and whatnot once you import files. So far, not much has bubbled around versioning issues... so you're good.

Any issues transferring files from Rpg Maker VX Ace from rpgmaker.web to the Steam version?

That's a first. What issues exactly comes up when you try to open stuff? Having a screenshot or anything would be a good start to what needs to be solved.

Speaking of pokeymans, i never did the voting for Kids Design 3. But then again, it never got the critical mass of submissions needed to facilitate a voting round. Oh well.

We just have to drag in more new members. It's time we finally cut off twitter I mean x

Introducing: Nat

Hello Nat! Hope you'll be nutty around here!

And as for the official RPG Maker forum, you might be better off using other sites like itch considering their policies (at times). Still, glad to see a newcomer!

You're preferred planning/designing style... and when to get out of the planning phase

Originally, I was part of the whole 'by the pants' person. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and see how much it would flow out by then. That's where I also realized that if I wanted to make a game I would like to create, I might as well have a complete idea of what I wanted as opposed to having random elements popping out and having scope creep all of a sudden. No one likes scope creep, and so should you. And if you're making a story, you might as well have connections of everything rather than retroactively introducing stuff and THEN having to deal with said stuff.

How I do it depends as well on the scope, as some of the users here already said. But for the sake of this conversation, I'll just say that this will be more of a project that would take around 3 months or more. Usually, by that point, I would have so many documents it wouldn't make much sense to have them. I use Figma/Paint.NET for GUI prototyping, Notion/Obsidian for anything related to text/databases/characters/etc., and then wherever to place it. So on and so forth. There's also the matter of consulting people on what they think of the idea at hand, researching fads (though this is by personal taste, you'd only do this if you want to make cash), and initial prototyping.

I would also delve into software engineering and its intricacies, but... it's so much overkill and can also lead to difficulties with other members. Believe me, an art person and a tech person are not of the same mind at times. Someone may have an idea as to how the computer works but don't expect them to have an idea as to how a command-line works and how you can sync SO MANY PROJECT FILES from it.

For the sake of brevity, I'd check out the Agile Workflow—preferably a two-week interval. That's how I roll these days because that's also what I've been taught here at the university. Never take a Computer Science course if you're taking game dev. You'll only learn more stuff than you need, even if it would help you with the other aspects of game devving that are hardcore.

Alright, that's the first question. Second one. Oh man, that one.

It doesn't take that long, really. Once you have an idea, it's just a matter of following through it and just hammering out stuff that may come to mind along the way. I don't want to say a month because my Zoomer brain can't handle the following these days and because it may also introduce a few ideas that won't even happen the moment I do the game. It's also a matter of fact for me that I'm a pressure cooker. I have to set deadlines myself because I only derail stuff. That happened a lot of times so far, even in university, and it's something I have to iron out in the future.

And for the spinoff: I do plan out excessively, even if it's just a two-week long course. Though, I may say that a 'skeleton' idea is far better as it would give you more of a safety net as opposed to having a checklist from time to time. That's because my software engineering teacher always hammers me with this following quote: "Always expect the worse, and don't expect everything to be in the game." That's pretty much all I could say because I have not been making games for about three years, and my recent one that's made for a university course sucks ass.

So overall, just start making a project and toy around with it. Doing something is better than excessively doing stuff. Believe me; I wish I could've converted years of fanfiction writing to something else. But even then, those years are still valuable nonetheless.

What is the sound of one tree clapping?

Ask a dryad or a forest fairy that question. These trees are too shy to try it in front of me.

Cozy Places

My potato cannot run JustAShyDoge's entry. Q.Q
It is not responding as soon as I opened it, although the bgm is still playing.

Mash any button. That's what I did.