You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

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Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.



RPG Maker Unite - New Engine

If it's made using Unity, I'd expect more shenanigans compared to the nightmare coding that the newer ones have. Swear to god I can feel someone just dumping a lot of events on it.

Also, I think that it's Gotcha Gotcha that'll handle the royalty. We pay them, they pay, whatever whatever. Or I'm sure they act more as a proxy so that people can make games in it commercially (or the whole 'monetary gain exceeded' thing works on us rather than them). Aside from that, anyone who would use the engine for free games are in a good spot.

At least we finally get an RPG Maker engine that doesn't need to be run on a browser for it to be cross-platform.

2022 Gaming Diary

Alright, progress update. WARNING: SPOILERS.

I went in on this with D&D 5E knowledge. I guess I wasn't really that ready on the amount of descriptive text that I have to look at again whenever I play a game. I just decided with the following statement

"If the following effect is something I don't know, that's where I actually deal with it."

Playing this game without a forward plan is kind of stupid, owing to the fact that you cannot play a game where it's underlying theme is future responsibility of duty. But I went on regardless and just brutally annihilated my foes even though I haven't mastered the system yet. Did I save scum? Rarely. Did I just decided to use my RTS strategies on a CRPG game where I can switch from RTS to Turn-Based in a flash? Definitely.

That's where I know playing a lot of really competitive games egged me on the technicalities more, but that's also where I pretty much fail considering that it suck out the fun out of playing games for me. So, playing this game felt like an actual refresher compared to the other nightmares I have to deal out there. Plans for the future later.

Being honest has its perks... for a future politician.

I decided to be a goodie two-shoes because I want to, but I decided that I can also be a little biatch when it comes to bad guys. Yeah, playing black-and-white morality isn't fun... until you decided that as long as you're still in the white area, you can do a little 'gray' actions. Basically doing 'we do a little trolling' in videogame form.

If anything, I'm having fun with the story overall. Imagine this actively capable goodie two-shoes just getting the trust of her superior and the villain is just pissed that he can't get the other side to join him completely. And not only that, she can prove it. Good in combat, good at heart... and good with the ladies? I was more surprised that my party is women-only, but I can take that. At least I can finally show that I kind of like it when women hit me (made worse by the fact that most of them CAN).

You're really going to argue morality to a person with a golden halo?

Through the course of the game, I kind of want to challenge myself more. Imagine what that would be when it turns out they introduced a concept called 'Swarms'. If anything, I got pissed at the fact that you can only kill something specifically through that method, something that in most videogames are kind of... considered a really, really overused trope nowadays. Don't get me wrong, it's good to be prepared... but the way that the game is setup that taking a swarm fight is better done on the turn-based strategy mode than in the RTS mode. Other than that, turn-based has its perks. You get to be deliberate in your actions. RTS? Well, imagine throwing all of your best attacks at once on one poor soldier. That's what it's gonna feel like. It just shows what threats I have to deal with on both modes. On the turn-based side, it's the bosses. One the RTS-side, groups can utterly ruin your plans, even the measly ones.

I'll continue playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker for the thrill of it. The RPG mechanics of Pathfinder is overwhelming, but I'm sure it's something I can handle.

In all fairness, I never thought that blasting magical grease to your opponents is that effective. To them and to my cohorts.

Silent Hill doesn't need an introduction. It's a good horror franchise (barring some games) that stood the test of time if Konami decided not to do NFTs. But here we are, with a neglected horror franchise.

It's not my first rodeo with Silent Hill. In fact, I was played this game back at 2016, only to stop when I realized I couldn't get the good ending for Cybil as I checked a walkthrough. A bummer, really. But I'm back to finishing it. And ready to face the horrors that it has.

You're going to hear this line... A LOT. Maybe.

I... can't say that much for the game yet. I'm still reeling from the fact that the entire game's backstory to the entire mess was because people decided that developing their town was 'bad' (get it, capitalism bad) and then suddenly spawning hell never realizing that hell is CAPITALISM (or socialist, the whole oil-rig aesthetic isn't giving good vibes to this era in all honesty).

Considering how much of a rollercoaster Silent Hill's story is, I'm just going to put it like that. Or maybe I go into a rant about the game in general now.

In a demented hospital. With a gun. I'm not going to make a joke about wounds now, am I? Not when they a massive, squiggly one at their backs.

So far, this game is generous in giving me ammo, and then knowing that the cap is set at 200 per ammo type. Imagine that, telling me that, and I see enemies right at the street. I was knee-deep in my own blood using melee weapons, and now you're telling me that I have to use my gun because there's a lot more ammo? For a survival horror game, that is not a good way to tell your player that you can just ass-blast every single thing you see with a gun... which I totally did once I knew that little tidbit.

For a game trying to sell its horror aspect, you sure are telling me that I'm free to go 'stealth is an option' route. Now I use my guns more than my melee weapon. And then I run out shooting everything because it turns out there's a lot more enemies that using my gun at all of them is a bad idea.

Now that's psychological horror. That and that one enemy that is trying to suck blood out of my bottom. I had a screenshot of that... but the emulator decided that I couldn't. Bummer.

Hell is an offshore oil-rig. And you're going to get that oil for Satan.

I'm going to go for a more compact post, but with a lot of progress into it. I wanted to go for a 'journey-like' journal post-esque posting, but that's gonna suck the life out of me.

Also sorry for earlier, I accidentally pressed Enter instead of Shift xd. The post got in there earlier than expected.

And I am so going to resize these photos. Jeez, RMN doesn't have a fit-to-forum-post option for images. I already did resize them and THEN make them into .webps. At least RMN got that one right.

2022 Gaming Diary

Time to game, again:



Swords and Sandals Collection(Finished at January 10)All games/achievements
Getting Over It(Finished at January 15)50 wins
Saiko no Sutoka(Finished at January 28)Normal | Good Ending
Silent Hill(Finished at January 29)Normal | Good+ Ending
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night(Finished at February 1)Normal/Hard | 100%
Senran Kagura: Peach Ball(Finished at February 19)100%
Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut(Finished at February 19)Hard | Normal Ending
Aperture Desk Job(Finished at March 3)
Forgiveness(Finished at March 4)All Puzzles
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance(Finished at March 5)Hard | Very Hard
Baba is You(Finished at March 10)Normal Finish
A Normal Lost Phone(Finished at March 10)
Darkwood(Finished at April 12)100%

In Progress:
Senran Kagura Estival VersusOngoing
DMC 4Ongoing

Bucket List:

Mega Man Star Force DX

Pathfinder: KingmakerDon't think I can continue, boss.

Seasons of RMN 5

LF for team. Certified code monkeā„¢ and forklift-certified. Definitely has not done anything for the past two years lemaw.

2021 Gaming Diary

Been a long time since I've posted here. Might as well add to something.

I've already beaten some games like Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal and Seen. I've been on a slow binge lately, as I'm taking my time to acclimate myself to a new environment. Of course, I'm starting a new game, one that I haven't finished years before.

This time, I'm taking it with a challenge.

Beat the absolute crap out of the gods in this DS game (Izuna: The Legend of hte Unemployed Ninja) without any weapons (and possibly items).

And of course, it starts with this image xd.

Sa Ilalim ng Gabi

This game is amazing! I love how it doesn't have cheap loud noises to earn the scares

Thank you for playing! I've just noticed this now due to my schedule. Would love to provide more in the near future.

Hello dev! Every time I speed run, it's lagging. :( Do you have any idea how to prevent this? Is it because of my PC?

Sadly, with how the game runs, it might just be because of your PC. It is CPU-intensive. Though, I might try to optimize it if I can.