You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Games developed:
- Private Eye
- -repent loci- useless apologies of a troublesome witch
- Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
- The Swallow's Descent

...I still have to recreate my profile.
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.




2021 Gaming Diary

I'm not sure if I like this format anymore. While technically more accurate to what I actually do, I feel it hampers my interest in playing. Though, this insistence that I transcribe certain scenes in Grandia 2 is probably not helping the matter either.

You can try like a more story-like format (based on a study that making some topics into a story gives you more retention than the memory palace).

2021 Gaming Diary

Alright, I'm back and with my main entry upgraded, because I finally realized that TABLES EXISTED. It looks better than just looking at a hidden list.


Half-Life 2 Series
What happens if you let a guy with preposterous aim play a casual FPS? Yeah, you don't need to talk a bit more about that.

Back when I was still that young, playing Half-Life 2 in a shitty comp that takes about 2-3 minutes to load to the next stage, I basically just suck. Most of the time, I find myself just spamming F6 like a madman until I get the perfect run. Now it's just a different feeling to see your enemies driven before you, having the ability to just mow down everyone. Oh, and maybe cheese some puzzles along the way. Maybe that also.

Half-Life has my heart for how intricate and complex it is. No matter how many times I get distracted by the gameplay, it really drives home how much environment and story can make a game more impactful without any of its game aspects disrupting one another. A really, really big nitpick for me for the past years when it comes to playing games.

After playing Black Mesa and this series, it made me want to just play Alyx and anticipate for whatever BS Valve is planning for E3 2021, if they ever have one. Considering their streak lately, I won't be surprised if they did actually make The Chalkeater's song age well. Hope it does.

Anything Else
I might start going to a frenzy one summer starts. I've been restricted lately with how much my college requirements are dumped every single week without rest. Though, I've taken the liberty to take on Resident Evil 7 and finish the rest of the Senran Kagura series before madness takes me.

Also Devil May Cry 4.

Also some stuff.

Okay bye.


2021 Gaming Diary

We're on a roooooollll!

Far as I know, I've played Half-Life for about a dozen times now. Reasons why is more likely because I found it fun being able to outaim almost every single opponent in the game, and the more I become better at FPS games, the more these little opponents look so little to me. That or my ego inflated because of CS:GO/Valorant.

Black Mesa is a wonderful remake. If anything, I really thought I'm in a dream where Valve actually gave a piece of their mind to the games that they actually made, rather than just getting a quick buck from Steam publishing. If anything, I find it satisfying that there are more tidbits added in the game that uses its HD remake to its full advantage. There are little tidbits and places you can find, information you can scour about for the later parts, and more things that made me realize just how really stupid I am for not being able to recognize a headcrab right in front of me. I can spot a Terrorist in CS:GO for almost a mile, yet I can't find a headcrab right in front of me. ATt full brightness. To shame, Vaccaria. To shame.

These homies died together, hand-with-pizza.

One of the things I liked about Black Mesa is that it balanced some of the weaponry and even made some weapons stronger than usual. For once, I can finally cook the grenades to make some well-done soldiers... or me if I mistime my internal clock. The revolver is a satisfying weapon, though its low ammunition is a price to pay considering how deadly it is at all ranges, no matter the opponent. The Hive Hand is hands-down a good ammo life-saver, with its own gimmick of press-to-win at certain areas. The Tau gun actually is useful, and can be used as an actual, body-shot alternative to the pricey Revolver. But the Gluon Gun... hot damn.

If anything, it can evaporate ANYTHING in the game with ease. I didn't find the Gluon Gun useful in the first game with how it isn't cost-efficient with its ammo. But the Gluon Gun in Black Mesa is a reminder that if you want someone dead quickly, this gun is the perfect choice. Especially with... how overpowered the game allows it to be at the later segments in the game. Word of advice, devs. If you want to crank up the difficulty at the end, make sure you never give someone unlimited ammo with no recoil whatsoever, especially if said someone would at times hit his shots in competitive games. And if it turns out that your ranged weapons are well-suited more compared to the crowbar, to which I use more at the earlier stages of the game, then you've got a fine game overall.

Vaccaria finds peaceful creatures just sleeping right in front of him. What is he gonna do?
Spoiler: He killed them with a satchel charge :^(

There are times I actually got frustrated with the game, with how ANNOYING some bugs are. There are desktop crashes here and there, some framerate drops that are absolutely expected if you're only playing on a mobile GTX 1650 laptop, and... well, soft-locking yourself in the game because you can die when loading back in specific save spots. Oof.

If anything, I even find the game fun when I actually realized that there are enemy variations... in the later parts of the game. Still, it didn't make that Alien Grunt as overpowered compared to its Half-Life counterpart where its ammo can instantly autolock you and make your life miserable. There are genuine surprises here and there, especially with the Headcrab Zombies, the suicide-bombing-variation of the Hounddogs, and... okay, I hate the goddamn Controllers with shields. Who thought it was a good idea?!

But what made the experience better was how everything felt so fluid. The levels make you feel like you're actually in a catastrophe, not some 1998-graphic game. You can hear tidbits of what might soon come after. Levels actually look good and I spent more time admiring Xen more than I should've. If anything, how it was introduced made me wonder if I was really born to early for the space exploration age. Screenshots alone can show how cool Xen is. If you don't mind the annoying Hounddogs pushing you off the ledges.

Huh, wait a minute. This isn't the Tower of Sauron now.

There are sequences that I also like that are entirely new. Some that enhance how the game is setup, and even while preserving the aspects of the game that teaches its players certain stuff without holding their hands. And by hands, I mean sticking out their hands in a barnacle's mouth and then quick-loading immediately, therefore bypassing any trouble whatsoever. That's kinda stupid, not gonna lie.

I like this more than the original game, and I sure as well would love to play this again once I get a beefier PC... or laptop. Yeah, gotta love headshotting helpless soldiers in 4k60 FPS.

Anyway, gonna be playing a lot of games soon! I'm still trying to catchup with my schedule, sadly, but I'm trying here. I now have the entirety of the Senran Kagura franchise, thereby absolute giving me more arousing relapses that I don't need. I seriously need help with my addiction, I hate to stop—

2021 Gaming Diary

I am back, and that means with a vengeance!

Assault Spy
I've already finished this game, of course, but it's a different story if you've been from a series like Devil May Cry. Let's just say that Vergil taught me how awfully OP melee-weapon-range-autotracking attacks are. And also instant teleportation. And also being able to just destroy bosses in a matter of minutes. I usually get confused that I may(?) have the fastest time in some modes because of my abuse of some mechanics, but it sure as well was fun anyway.

Also, Amelia OP. Royalguard is just overpowered.

Devil May Cry 4
I'll play you when I get in the mood again. When I'm in the mood, okay? :^)

Tomb Raider
I already finished this game a long time ago, but I decided to come back once I managed to buy it 'legally. If anything, being able to see everything at a higher fidelity made me want to replay the entire game, as well as doing a complete 100% run of it.

Problem is that the game isn't pretty much balanced to someone who has the aim of a LE CS:GO player. Even at the highest difficulty of the game, I'm more likely to hit more enemies than they could get ever have the chance to shoot me. But I'll take it. Because it's fun to see enemies scramble when they see how goddamn straight you are at shooting.

And of course, I'll have to update mine sooner or later. Two months from now, the actual summer break's gonna come, and that means more time to PLAY. And also do some development stuff, maybe.

Okay bye

Imagine having quizzes/long exams on your birthday.

Can't be me if it's me.

1.44 Floppy Disc Event

Welp, guess I know what to do again.

the more i delve into rpg maker vx ace's inner machinations, the more i realize how unoptimized it is

My understanding, from those who know these things, is that a lot of the RPG makers are held together with duck tape and prayers

Can confirm. I looked at Ao Oni's code and it doesn't even have a pathfinder.

And the event chaser system is a 4-events nightmare.

Decided to take a break from game dev for now. Oof.

I will still be active, but I won't be pretty much mak gam until then. Even though I also have a rather lax schedule in college, I might as well focus on what's important for now. Maybe I can make a short game once I come back.

2021 Gaming Diary

Welp, looks like I have to reduce my playtime for now. Classes and all that.

But when I do make another entry, I'll have to add stuff such as some of the online games I play (CS:GO in particular, 'cause I'm planning to go to Global Elite).