I'm ValisFan. I used to go by the name RPG Cove on GamingW. I made a few games, Comradis and Trap and Search. But now, I am working on a non-linear game similar to Fallout 2 or Elder Scrolls on RPG Maker 2003.



Septerra Core Dream About the Past

I found out about this from a Youtube video. I really liked the original Septerra Core and its nice that your making a sequel. You should put the download file in the download link so people don't have to download off of Mediafire. I'll play the game once its done downloading.

StarFront: Factions

I liked this game. I was looking for Sphere games and this is a good game. It kind of feels like Asteroids combined with an RPG. I liked how "spacey" it feels, with the emptiness of space. The game did crash a lot though.

Project Questing

I did download and tried this game out, mostly because I like non-linear RPGs and am making my own non-linear RPG in RPG Maker 2003.

I did like it for a short while. I liked picking plants. I believe in a non-linear RPG like this, you should probably have some customization for your main character. It looks like the main character is already an established character, so I'm thinking it might be cool to choose a class for him at the start of the game.

Yzal Chronicles

I downloaded it, it worked for me this time. But I had to change the .lzh file extension to a .rar extension. I mainly downloaded this because it had choosable classes, and my game Lands of Lore will also have choosable classes.

I liked the music in the first town. You did use a lot of RTP tiles, but they were used fairly well. I did like the different sprites and facesets.

After choosing my three characters, I went to the dungeon, and then died in the dungeon. The first fight was 6 bats and 2 zombies. I really didn't think that was very fair. The battles just weren't fun. My bars took way too long to fill. Cut back the enemies. I should really only be fighting around 3 or 4 enemies per battle at the start. With 1 hit to kill weaker enemies and 2 or 3 to kill stronger enemies.

I don't really like mazey dungeons. And the way the first dungeon was made using RTP tiles made it difficult to tell the difference between the floor and the ceiling because everything looked gray. I would cut back on the mazyness of the first dungeon, most people aren't going to stick around finding the first dungeon is just a gray maze. Focus on making the dungeon more interesting, you can still make a non-linear dungeon with things like puzzles and traps along the different paths to make it more interesting.

Liberated Arms(remake)

You didn't package this correctly, thats why the filesize is so small. You didn't include all the resources needed to play this, when you open the game, it says you are missing file vehicle1

Yzal Chronicles

You must not have packaged this correctly, it is missing a lot of files. Most people will have the RPG Maker 2003 RTP, but many don't use the expansion.

Dreamwalker: Dream A Little Dream Act I

You didn't package the download correctly, thats why the filesize is so small. You did not include any of the resources needed for this game in the download.

Lands of Lore

I added this game to the "You might also like..." page in my game profile!
Hope you're still motivated to continue it! I look forward to seeing more. If you want feedback, count me in.
Thank you, I'm actually not really working that hard on it right now., I'm busy playing other games.

Lands of Lore

I got "system4 file could not be opened"
Probably still has something to do with RTP though.
EDIT: I got it to work and it's good. Gold accumulation kind of slow. Went off into the woods and got near death and I still couldn't afford anything to heal myself. I probably just went off too early. Map design is good, but consider changing the font.
Thanks for playing. As for wealth collection, I made it so that the thief will have the best wealth collection, there are plenty of things to steal and the thief has the best theft skill.

Lands of Lore

I tried to play the game, but it failed to start.

Sorry, it shouldn't fail to start. If you got an error that says "xxx file is missing," then you probably want to download the version that includes the RTP, its in the downloads section.
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