I'm ValisFan. I used to go by the name RPG Cove on GamingW. I made a few games, Comradis and Trap and Search. But now, I am working on a non-linear game similar to Fallout 2 or Elder Scrolls on RPG Maker 2003.




That black haired girl is cute. I like her braid.


Its been such a long time since I've played this game, I don't even remember Ryan had an ex girlfriend.


I really liked the orginal design of Sozora more, I liked her tough girl look, and her messy hair and clothes.


Besides the floating woman and a couple of clashing sprites (roofs, well, trees, the mapping looks pretty good.

The floating woman is there because she walks randomly and just happened to walk into the door as I took this screenshot, lol. As for the graphics, I'm trying to avoid using ripped graphics and graphics that are already commonly seen in RPG Maker games. Every chipset uses tiles from several sources so it doesn't become obvious which games they come from.
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