Need help making a game!

Ok so first off I want to stress that I AM NOT asking for someone to do the work for me. I want to learn how to make my own mmorpg.

Let me be more clear, I want to learn the necessary skills for making a Massive multi-player online role playing game.

I am planning to have pretty specific game mechanics in my game, some of those may include:
-Fraction choice: There are two fractions which you can choose from, these affect your map which in contrast affects your exhibition site, and in contrast the equipment you can collect.
-Character creation
-Row placement: The characters within a party can be organized in a row from a column of two characters each.
F D B S. Monster
-You are what you wear system: No leveling involved, your stats, skills, class and passives are completely dependent on your equipment.
Base combat: a group within a fraction fights with another group within a different fraction.

Id like to be clear that I am not asking about this stuff in specific, this is just some of the stuff i want in my game.

Thank you o all who reply.

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