Sup everyone ,I'm Vanilla <3

I was born on the 26th May 2003. :))

I became an otaku in fall 2015 and I started playing games in Winter 2008. ^o^

My favorite food is sushi ,and my favorite drink is MILKKKK <3

My favorite animals are cats UwU

I love making new friends *w*

By now I watched arround 80 animes and played arround 60 games in my life xD

I'm that one girl that stans all BTS members :'3

Soooo thats all I'll write for now ,messege me on my social media (Links bellow) if you want to be my friend :3

You can messege me on English ,German and Serbian :3

And if you want to ,help me study Japanese and Korean ,I'd love to xD

Sooo thats all for now ,cya <3

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