Sleepless Night 2: Ladies’ Night(mare)

Just finshed the game ,it was really nice UwU

Sleepless Night

Oh my god I remember playing this when I became a little weeb

Crescent Prism: Chapter 1

Wow ,I hope its not too short xD
Well for what it's worth, I estimated that Soma Spirits would be 1-2 hours long and it ended up being 4-6 so...

I'd love to see this game being arround 5 hours long aswell ,since most games I downloaded lately have been like 1 hour long ,and I'm pumped up to follow this games development since it looks interessing af ,but if its gonna be short again ,I'll prob leave it to play when school starts and I have spare time x3

Crescent Prism: Chapter 1

Wow ,I hope its not too short xD

Pocket Mirror

One of my first RPGs ,soooo gooodddd *o*

Momoe Link

Wow ,sounds good ,gotta give it a try :o <3
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