I like to play all types of rpgs and make rpgs using rpg maker and rpg maker vx ace.



Quick Resource Release

Cool this will be awesome thanks.

The big list of recent changes (current and upcoming).

Reiners Pipsqueak will be cool doing 2000 plus damage but will the damage go down when I loss hp plus. My limit break will be underpowerd at 1700 damage.

New Items, Cid's Tools, and Synthesis

Ok cool thanks.

This is it.

Hi Tezuka are you still working on this game? If you are not can I finish it?

New Items, Cid's Tools, and Synthesis

Hi when you are finished makeing this game are you going to put out the events scripts so other people can use them? just asking permission to use theses scripts events in my game thank?

The DNA Grind: Feedback Post

Agreed I almost have them all accecp for the last one is I am not yet up to that level.

This is it.

Ok cool thank you.

Build 1: September 1, 2014

I Killed it but it was a lot harder than I thought. I died a few times that was the 1st battle I had to use Phoenix Down and elixirs and the unlimiter. I used the protect and shell limit and the limit to cut magic damage sorry I did not get a pic. can we have harder marks please. also why is there no reward and he can be re fought.

Build 1: September 1, 2014

I so think I can kill it I will post a pic of it dead.

Build 1: September 1, 2014

I will back track to kill gilgamesh because I need to back track to kill the marks on the way. will their be any more marks or summons? please can you put in the high level limit breaks because I will probably end up at level 40 to 45. Also will you be adding the spells you have on your main site because I don't have the spells listed their even tho I am the right level to learn the spells? also are you a artist? Do draw or do you just edit your characters? Thanks.
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