I'm leaving...

Sorry guys but i'm leaving, i was about to post my great game demo and i know a few of you where realy into it and wanted to see it, i'm very upset right now because my game was denied and i don't think i should stay with because my games arn't good enough for you're standards.

I'll be back and forwarth for few days but i'm probly just quitting, cya guys i had fun especialy with SorceressKrysty.

Goodluck to all of you in the future....

Kind regards'

Catapillar System (Rpg Maker XP)

I read somthing about a Catapillar system which lets you're other party members follow you're guy, i think theres a delay with the leaders first movement and as soon as you're leader does another movement the party member does the previous one, can sombody please tell my how i can get or use this.

It would be much appriciated. :D

(RPG Maker XP) Re-appearing Monsters

I was wondering how to make my enamies re-appear after a certin ammount of time, i don't have like trhat 30 step monster appear random thing i have real guys monsters walking around and as soon as i collide with them we get into a fight.

Sofar i've done this:

Battle Processing: Ghost*2
Control Switches: = ON (Or 2 or whatever to stop them all disapearing at once)

And on page 2 it's an empty graphic with no code, to make nothing there.

They Disapear all fine so theres no problem with them, i just wan't the to come back after a certin ammount of time, any ideas?

Sorry i'm new to this system haha. :D

Help, I cannot run other people's games!

Hi everyone.

I saw a game i thought was worth downloading so i did, now i downloaded the system this particualr game runs off and all that so when i finished downloading the game i wanted to play i opened it up with 7-zip and when i double click the Game symbol with the sun on it, it won't open at all.

I tried clicking everything in the folder appart from the sound one, please help me....
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