Ah ! I hadn't thought of that :')

Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to add a version with resource names that shouldn't cause problem.

Commonplace Book

There was a missing file in the game folder, so I had to create a new download !

Commonplace Book

Phew, and it's done. I didn't get to work on it as much as I'd hoped and it doesn't work as well as I'd like, but at least the game is finished. Happy Halloween :'D

Commonplace Book

First I wanted to make some kind of small card game, closer to the solo board game, where the player should have managed resources and made decisions according to the random proposals offered by the game. The scenario was inspired by the situation in Asia in 1920 (Russian civil war, japanese invasion of Manchuria, western colonies etc), with a strong focus on characters. Then I realized that the gameplay I had planned was too complicated to do in time on Rpg Maker. Too many conditions and variables.

At this stage i'm back at the beginning. At least i've got a script :')
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