I have been a gamer for a long time. Played just about every genre, and have tried to make my own game several times over (starting with RPGMaker2000). Used to code for a MUD, but I have broken ties with that community over the past few years. I built a few areas for them as well, and always enjoyed the creative output. I am looking for RPGMakerVXAce to fill that void now. Wish me luck!



FUNdamentals of RPGs Part VI

I agree with Dustsoft (albeit late), but this whole series should be mandatory reading for anyone attempting a serious project (maybe you can get away with not utilizing this for your first test project that you are not releasing to public). However, anything you wish to release should definitely have the benefit of the extra knowledge at your beck and call.

FUNdamentals of RPGs Part I

Even six years later, this article holds very true. Well defined, well put.

RPG Auditions Today! Characters Wanted!

An older article, but still extremely relevant to the projects of today. Giving life to your characters is very important, but remembering to give the life of their own to minor NPCs helps make for a more memorable experience as a whole. Just as in the article, you do not have to go overboard; but adding little quirks and nuances to characters and towns goes a very long way. Excellent read.

Inspiration vs. Ripoff

Very thoughtful and thorough read. Sometimes the line between inspiration derived from a game/idea/system and a blatant rip-off can be very blurry. I agree wholeheartedly that in order to classify as inspiration, not only do you have to evolve the ideas used, but also have to understand the underlying reasons behind them and determine whether or not it is a good fit for your game/project.
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