I have been a gamer for a long time. Played just about every genre, and have tried to make my own game several times over (starting with RPGMaker2000). Used to code for a MUD, but I have broken ties with that community over the past few years. I built a few areas for them as well, and always enjoyed the creative output. I am looking for RPGMakerVXAce to fill that void now. Wish me luck!



RMNverse Adventure Time!

> Allow Peachie and Omniderp's head to join party (and finish business)

Party size limit anyone?? You never know when the head of a giant robot and a crazy little girl will come in handy.

Edit: VVVVVVV Winmode: See Below

RMNverse Adventure Time!

Someone should post in this. Yes, they should.

Game Page Submissions

Many thanks on the quick replies, and for clarifiying the submissions rules for me.

Game Page Submissions

How soon after submitting a game page must you upload the three mandatory screenshots? I have a game in the works, but do not have anything really concrete for showing via screenshot. (Most of the work so far has been skills/testing on sample maps)

Need help getting an event to "Move Away From Player" (VX Ace)

I had thought about changing the variable +/- 1 on the X/Y to that effect, but what stopped me was the concern about having the event spawn and set on impassable terrain (mountain/water/etc). However, it appears my fears were unfounded, as I have deduced a solution! Using the +/- as you suggested also, I have conditional branches nested to cause the initial event set point to show up one tile BEHIND the direction the player is facing. It will be very unlikely that the player will have his/her back to a body of water/mountain, with the only exception I can foresee at the moment being if he/she has just disembarked from a boat. But I will likely just put an ifcheck in there if the terrain id is impassable, that it says something to the player and exits the event. I currently have it working so that between fadeout and removing/readding graphic of the event, it appears that the event starts offscreen, and walks towards the player's location. Thanks again for the interest and the help!

[Poll] How do you make your living?

I am the general manager of a casual dining Italian resturaunt. Pizza, calzones, pasta, salads, and more. I do a little bit of everything, from cooking the food (including making fresh dough) to serving customers. While I do enjoy what I do (I am very much a people person), I am basically at a dead-end in the career department. I make enough money to scrape by, but rent/insurances/food/gas takes up a nice chunk. Also, it leaves me little time to focus on gaming or creating games, so I take it when I can. Satisfied? Not quite, but I keep looking to the future when I'll be a full fledged gaming mogul. (Nah, but seriously, I do enjoy gaming/making games as a hobby)

RMNverse Adventure Time!

I am saddened by the lack of interest in this. Is it me? It's me, isn't it. /ragequit Kidding, but it would be nice to see this keep going.

Hello there

Welcome to RMN! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with on the creative side. This is definitely a good place to be for that.

Need help getting an event to "Move Away From Player" (VX Ace)

I am having a bit of a problem getting the "Move Away From Player" option in the Set Route of an event to apparently execute. If I handle it as a 'normal' event on the map, and have the player trigger it with an action button, then I can have 'this event' selected on the move route and it moves away from the player. However, what I am attempting to do is to have this event on the "overworld" map that is called via a skill. Once the skill is used, it triggers a Common Event Call "Presence Summon" (as shown below). It currently saves the variables correctly and will use the Set Event Location to set the event exactly where the player is. I would like it to move away from the player a few spaces after being set. So far, it will not move. I have changed settings on the event to have its priority Above, Same Level, Below; and none of them worked. I tried changing the passability, thinking perhaps it was unable to move once on the same tile as the party, but that did not work either. Has anyone else had a problem with getting the Move Route movements to work?

12000 BC world map

To me, the first one gives the appearance of a complete blanket of snow all throughout the middle. If that is what you are going for (a huge amount of snowfall covering the ground), then the grass on the sides surrounding the outer edge seems a little out of place. The second one gives the impression that the entire area is regrowing/thawing. I like the idea of an igloo, however, I think igloos are mostly found in areas too cold for much greenery to show. I'm not a big fan of the completely fenced-in look, if the party is meant to get to the igloo somehow.
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