I have been a gamer for a long time. Played just about every genre, and have tried to make my own game several times over (starting with RPGMaker2000). Used to code for a MUD, but I have broken ties with that community over the past few years. I built a few areas for them as well, and always enjoyed the creative output. I am looking for RPGMakerVXAce to fill that void now. Wish me luck!



Skinwalker Review

I really did enjoy the experience. I can agree that some games calling themselves "horror" are far from it; I have played a few myself. To me, horror is more jumpscares and gore, whereas I would call this game more of a "suspense/thriller". The overall creepiness factor definitely lent itself well to this game. However, that is just my own opinion on what defines "horror". And as you said, having a player enjoy the experience matters a lot more than what genre it is labelled. Overall experience: Worth it. (Hey, I played through it multiple times to get the ending eh?)
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