Twin Ends Review

Thanks for the review!

A majority of the RTP used was used as "filler". I will be getting around to creating custom material, but for now it will be RTP, since this is a one-man-train.

To be honest, I really appreciate the review, granted I should have seen this a while ago.

Twin Ends

Sadly the maps that aren't stock maps packaged with RPG Maker are vacant and empty. Too big and you can tighten them up please. A lot of your maps are 1 tile high instead of 2 like the default maps you took. You can do better.

The Dusty Caverns looks good. 2 tiles high, kinda windy in a good way, but a lot of straight boring hallways. Put some extra rocks in there.

Dusty Caverns was my favorite map to make. It was fun to include lots of decal in that area,
but sadly, that was pretty much all the decal I could find.
Believe me, if I had more, I would definitely include more detail into my maps.

Twin Ends

Amazing! I loved your game. xD Signed up just to let you know how much I loved it. But one thing puzzles me.. Is this a demo? o.o Or a full version?

Thanks for the compliment, and this is a demo.
There's more to come, I'm just rounding up a dev team.

Where Am I?

its been 6 months or so and not even a demo!?
is the game dead!?

There was a demo, it was taken down though.

Twin Ends

So when is there going to be more here and can we use save files.

Unfortunately, due to some strange scripting error I made, save files from the current version will not work in the next version.
I'm very sorry, but the game will go by quick.


For some reason, his face at the top left reminds me of Sora...

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

Heya, it would be real nice if you could review my game.

It isn't complete, but it does have a little demo.


Who made that?

Either Diedrupo or Ronove of course.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Here the map that I'm working on,
Pls. comment!

The cave doesn't seem to have a natural look. The walls are all connected to something. It should have a slightly more jagged look.

The little square areas cut off from the main part of the cave should be
redone into circular shapes instead.

The screenshot you posted really only requires a little more work on the walls
and decorations. It looks very plain right now. Add in a few pebbles and cracks
in the walls at various spots.

Demo available!

I'm sorry, but if the game hadn't lagged so much for me, I would
have played it.

But I have one thing to say about the opening.
The car should be in a locked direction so it
doesn't look weird when going down.