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Resubmitting a Game

Hello everyone!

I, er, accidentally deleted my game profile off of RMN while trying to upload a .exe file...I was able to resubmit my game I think (?) without losing any screenshots, images, pageviews, etc., but knowing my luck I probably made another mistake in trying to resubmit it.

Do accidentally deleted but still 'tangible' games undergo a different set of rules unlike just plain submitting a game to RMN?

Sorry if this isn't too clear and thank you for reading!

Trouble uploading game?


I've been trying to upload my game demo here, but this keeps cropping up:

I'm so confused. @.@

Thank you!

Painted vs. Pixel Sprites?

Hihi! \>u</

My main project's multiple chapters, so I'm planning to convert to making it a pixel-based game to save myself time.

I tend to take a really, really long time trying to figure out color coordination to the point the sprites usually blend in with the background when (if) I manage to get that far:

That would be for a sidescroller I was planning, but it's on hold at the moment.
This has impeded upon my main project to the point I now have to completely start over.

However, I don't understand how to actually make pixel sprites; they always look out wonky:

I started pixel art 2 days ago, but I once tried drawing pixel trees months ago.

Anyway, I really don't understand how I'm supposed to make actual character sprites, so could I just keep them painted to match the character portraits:

Thank you!!


Sorry for the noob question, but no matter what I do I can't figure this out.
I just bought this program two weeks ago and didn't really start working on the game mechanics fully until now. Unfortunately, I'm stuck.
The first map is fine, but afterwards...

I used "Erase Event," but the image of the trees in the bottom corner still appears in other maps. So, I then tried "Erase picture," but then everything was cancelled out.

I considered self control switches, but aren't they mainly for events that are only triggered once?

So, I then started searching online and managed to find a few articles. However, I have no idea if they would apply to my dilemma .

Thank you! >.<

How do I pixel

Pixel art is so much fun but so time-consuming. XD I got into it around 2 weeks ago, so my knowledge on it isn't that great.
However, I will get this...eventually.
After going through a ton of tutorials. And practice. But for my project I should probably just use RPG Maker tilesets instead of trying to make my own for now.
Placeholder sprites
...The filesize is ridiculously large.
I shall change that at a later date.

I'd also love to see everyone's art too~ X)

Sup; greetings from a somewhat lurker? XD

Well, I'm a computer science major who absolutely adores Indie Games.

It's about time I made an account; I first visited this site less than a month ago. Plus, a friend with had years and years of experience advised me to visit the forums as much as possible.

I...really don't have much to say.
At the moment I'm attempting to improve my spriting skills~
<= Well, at least I finalized the protag's character portrait.

I'm positive I'll like it here. X)

Thank you~!
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