Multiple Antagonists

Vianoce, keep your games and your writing as separate as possible or they will mess each other up.

Maybe your right. I just thought it might be fun to try. :) I will most likely follow your advice though.

Multiple Antagonists

author=Max McGee
I may turn out to be a bad writer but I'm trying to write a "novel" to go along with my game. Though it will be tough since I want to make the story versitile with optional story-archs, bassed on the choices you make through-out the game. These choice will dictate which protagonists join your party and which don't and which protagonists might betray you also because of your choices (if your views eventually conflict with theirs). So I think I will most just write the central plot for the "novel" and chose my favorite story-arches for filler.
You misspelled versatile and you mean "story arcs" not "story-archs". This probably isn't an exhaustive list of the mistakes in this paragraph either. And RMN forums have a spell-checker which caught these mistakes. So...

This does not bode well for the novel.

By the way, "kunoichi" means "female ninja". Unless all of the sentences after the first in that "summery" are describing the demon, not the protagonist.

I am a horrible speller, but MS Word has a spell and grammar check that I rely on, unfortunitly I was not aware that this forum had a spell checking. I can't seem to find it though. If it is automatic, it doesn't show up for me. Thanks for the constructive criticism, I will try to add more information about the protagonist.

I had writen out a longer post because I misunderstood what you said a little. I was a little offended when you were telling me what "kunoichi" means, until I reread what you said before I sent my response. I wasn't attacking or anything, just stating why I was offended. But anywho, the following sentences are infact about the demon. I guess I need to work on my paragraph to clarify this more. A reader should be able to easily follow along, and it is appearent that I did not accomplish this. Again I like to thank you for your constructive criticism.

Multiple Antagonists

There can also be games whereby the secondary major antagonist turns over a new leaf and helps the heroes defeat and main major antagonist and so on. Ideas, ideas :)
I'm not a huge fan of this unless there's a darn good reason for the secondary antagonist to do so. I dislike games where an antagonist joins the players because they had no idea just how evil the main villain was. (I mean, really?) If a game did this, I'd like to see that secondary antagonist join the players and then turn right around and stab them in the back after the players take down his former boss. This is a little overused as well, though.

In Chrono Trigger Magus who is introduced as a villian turns out to just be an anti-hero who is set out to destroy the same entity that you are, even tho you did not yet know of this entity yourself.

I may turn out to be a bad writer but I'm trying to write a "novel" to go along with my game. Though it will be tough since I want to make the story versitile with optional story-archs, bassed on the choices you make through-out the game. These choice will dictate which protagonists join your party and which don't and which protagonists might betray you also because of your choices (if your views eventually conflict with theirs). So I think I will most just write the central plot for the "novel" and chose my favorite story-arches for filler.

Here is a summery I wrote for something to try to catch the attention of the reader:
In a land ravished by war, and ruled by Warlords, and Nobles, a run away Kunoichi discovers the world is has been descending into darkness with the influence of accursed demon who seeks to corrupt the souls of all mankind. Once a man with a hunger for power he became the demon of nightmares, whose name has long since been forgotten. Now known only as The Nightmare, he seeks an immortal reign over the world to remold it into his own twisted image of horror, vile and disgust.

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Thanks for the welcome, sweet avatar lol.

Gender Roles in Gaming

I would like to point out Link from Zelda: Twilight princess. Link is one of my favorite hereos, but not my favorite. That spot is reserved for a female hero actually but I will stick to my point. Link is the silent hero but not without emotion.

Spoiler Alert:
There is a scene where he embraced his little worn out buddy Colin after rescuing him from the ogre or troll.. Whatever he was. Link never gets side tracked from his mission to save the world and/or princess because of sex. Though he doesn't ever speak you know he cares about his frinds and the world he lives in. At the end the end when Midna turns out to be pretty attractive in her true form he stears ackwardly, practiclly drooling. This was funny, and imo was great. To me he proved to be just young man who acts ackward around beautiful women. He wasn't some James Bond who saves the day and wraps things up with some bedroom wrestling. Instead the hero parts with the princess with a sense of sadness from both characters of their parting.

I believe the cliche of "manly man" and "slutly woman" came from poor writing that eventually took over. While I am not agenst these stereo-types to the point sexuality should not be used (maybe I am just another guy who enjoys fanservice from time to time lol), but I don't think writers should rely on sex to sell their game. If Im watching a movie and all I see are boobies with no plot, I'm going to think the movie sucks. I'll keep watching though, but I wont watch it twice. The same for video games. If the game is bad sex isn't going to make me like the game. Sure I'll get a laugh, like when I played God Of War and after the 1st boss your treated to a scene of Kratos lying with two topless women whome you can have sex with for aditional stregth. That is really funny to me. Sexuality and womenizing works for this game because Kratos is a anti-hero. True heroes should not be seen in this light, atleast I don't think so. To me a hero is someone that inspires you to be better morally, stronger physical, and emotionaly (I mean by working through emotions not disregarding them) and to be more couragous.

Speaking for myself; as a child I had never thought that these characters were ment to say "This is what you're suppose to look like," or "This is how you should act, and treat women." I am a tad bit of a pervert and often enjoy some of the fantasies that these movies and games protray, but I would never treat my girlfriend poorly because some cowboy tossed a prostitute a coin after ravishing her. And I would never compare her beauty with digital women, nor that of women who are paid to be attractive. I believe I can speak for a lot of guys when I say I want a real women who speaks for herself, has her own goals. Like I said in the beginning of the post I prefer women heroes. If I were to fall from a building I want to be saved by a beautiful, not slutty woman while I scream like a little girl lol.

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Hello Kenton,
I can understand why few people trade down though. The freedom you get from scripting in XP is awesome. The only thing I do not like about 2k3 is that I can't copy and paste from not pad. It would be awesome to write out an event script then just copy and paste it into the event. I've read about upgrades for 2K3 but I really don't understand them. I tried to using RM2k9 but I couldn't get it to work. I believe I have the wrong version of 2K3 and I don't know how to check.
I have an XP project that I played around with some scripts with. I have a lot of showdows from light sources and reflections in mirrors and water. I don't know about the shadows, but some reflections might be possible. One could adapt the mapping concept to pull this off with 2K3's chipset. By making a mirror w/ walls on both bottom and upper layers, but the bottom layer would have the full mirror look to it while the upper layer would have the glass removed and transparent. Say the mirror is two blocks wide then you would need four touch events infront of the mirror is two rows, and a blank event named reflection. 2K3 is limited by only having two layers, but this can be worked around. Instead of using the same sprite for the reflection the reflecting sprite can be edited to only show a portion of the sprite when you walk away from the mirror. Because the few is from above when the hero walks away you would only see the lower half, half the legs or even the just the feet. This would be determined by the size of the mirror, so you may need more sprites for each mirror size. I believe a catipiller system can be adapted to control the reflection(s) of the hero(es). This may not be possible but it would be awesome to see this pulled off in 2K3. The same concept can be applied with water except without the need for editing chipsets. The water trick I think might be easier because in theory all you would need is two rows of touch events to turn on and off the reflection switch, and upside down sprite sets. By setting the reflecting sprite to be transparate the effect will look some what like a reflection.

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I apologize for posting in the wrong thread. I saw it say game discussion and did not read the rest. Wont happen again.

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Hello everyone, my gaming name is Vianoce. I've been using it for a gamer tag for years and now I use it as my develeper name. I started out using RMXP, but I traded down to RM2K3, because I kinda like it. Although I still enjoy working on my RMXP project when I have the time. I really have not been developing games long at all so I would say my mapping needs a lot of work, but all things in time. I don't have as much time as I would like to work on my project(s) as I would like, but I try to add a little as often as I can. I enjoy female lead characters and I'm aiming for a good story though I am still putting a lot of thought into what direction I want to take.

With my introduction aside I would like to talk a little about my current project. I am currectly using RM2K3 for my current Project. The title is Kunoichi Maya, and the setting is pretty basic I think. The ear is set in the mist of war that has lasted for who knows how long. The main villian is not thought up yet, but I have an antagonist currently developed. I call him Nightmare and he shows up in dugeons that have ties to him. When he shows up, you don't see him at first but the map changes to a bloody version of itself. Currently the game starts off with the main character, a young kunoichi named Maya who was sent on her first infiltration mission. She sneaks into a town on the outskirts of a castle under the cover of nightfal, and its rainning. She enters the town and looks for a way to infiltrate to castle, and gets captured in the process. That is as far as I've gotten so far. I mostly use the RTP with some edits, but I also use resources that have been posted by others on other RM community sites. Some of my maps I am proud of and others I will most likely end up scrapping for better versions of them.

I have some ideas for my game, but the one I like the most is my idea for how you meet your allies. I got the idea from my days playing ChronoCross for the PS1. Basicly you gain your allies based on the choices you make during conversation events. I will also take it a step further to make it so that some allies will betray you based on choices you make during later conversations. events will alter based on the characters in your party, or no longer become active if event specific character(s) are missiong, either because of being dead, leaving, or turning agenst you. I feel a game like this will have some replay value, even for me. Maybe I'll even given the game alternite endings based on ket choices. i wouldn't doubt that such ideas have been used before. I havent read anything like this anywhere though so I think once its done it will be worth playing to some degree. Keep in mind I'm new to making games. Also this is the first project I have committed to.
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