Gender Roles in Gaming

I would like to point out Link from Zelda: Twilight princess. Link is one of my favorite hereos, but not my favorite. That spot is reserved for a female hero actually but I will stick to my point. Link is the silent hero but not without emotion.

Spoiler Alert:
There is a scene where he embraced his little worn out buddy Colin after rescuing him from the ogre or troll.. Whatever he was. Link never gets side tracked from his mission to save the world and/or princess because of sex. Though he doesn't ever speak you know he cares about his frinds and the world he lives in. At the end the end when Midna turns out to be pretty attractive in her true form he stears ackwardly, practiclly drooling. This was funny, and imo was great. To me he proved to be just young man who acts ackward around beautiful women. He wasn't some James Bond who saves the day and wraps things up with some bedroom wrestling. Instead the hero parts with the princess with a sense of sadness from both characters of their parting.

I believe the cliche of "manly man" and "slutly woman" came from poor writing that eventually took over. While I am not agenst these stereo-types to the point sexuality should not be used (maybe I am just another guy who enjoys fanservice from time to time lol), but I don't think writers should rely on sex to sell their game. If Im watching a movie and all I see are boobies with no plot, I'm going to think the movie sucks. I'll keep watching though, but I wont watch it twice. The same for video games. If the game is bad sex isn't going to make me like the game. Sure I'll get a laugh, like when I played God Of War and after the 1st boss your treated to a scene of Kratos lying with two topless women whome you can have sex with for aditional stregth. That is really funny to me. Sexuality and womenizing works for this game because Kratos is a anti-hero. True heroes should not be seen in this light, atleast I don't think so. To me a hero is someone that inspires you to be better morally, stronger physical, and emotionaly (I mean by working through emotions not disregarding them) and to be more couragous.

Speaking for myself; as a child I had never thought that these characters were ment to say "This is what you're suppose to look like," or "This is how you should act, and treat women." I am a tad bit of a pervert and often enjoy some of the fantasies that these movies and games protray, but I would never treat my girlfriend poorly because some cowboy tossed a prostitute a coin after ravishing her. And I would never compare her beauty with digital women, nor that of women who are paid to be attractive. I believe I can speak for a lot of guys when I say I want a real women who speaks for herself, has her own goals. Like I said in the beginning of the post I prefer women heroes. If I were to fall from a building I want to be saved by a beautiful, not slutty woman while I scream like a little girl lol.
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