rmn Noobie

Hello everyone, my gaming name is Vianoce. I've been using it for a gamer tag for years and now I use it as my develeper name. I started out using RMXP, but I traded down to RM2K3, because I kinda like it. Although I still enjoy working on my RMXP project when I have the time. I really have not been developing games long at all so I would say my mapping needs a lot of work, but all things in time. I don't have as much time as I would like to work on my project(s) as I would like, but I try to add a little as often as I can. I enjoy female lead characters and I'm aiming for a good story though I am still putting a lot of thought into what direction I want to take.

With my introduction aside I would like to talk a little about my current project. I am currectly using RM2K3 for my current Project. The title is Kunoichi Maya, and the setting is pretty basic I think. The ear is set in the mist of war that has lasted for who knows how long. The main villian is not thought up yet, but I have an antagonist currently developed. I call him Nightmare and he shows up in dugeons that have ties to him. When he shows up, you don't see him at first but the map changes to a bloody version of itself. Currently the game starts off with the main character, a young kunoichi named Maya who was sent on her first infiltration mission. She sneaks into a town on the outskirts of a castle under the cover of nightfal, and its rainning. She enters the town and looks for a way to infiltrate to castle, and gets captured in the process. That is as far as I've gotten so far. I mostly use the RTP with some edits, but I also use resources that have been posted by others on other RM community sites. Some of my maps I am proud of and others I will most likely end up scrapping for better versions of them.

I have some ideas for my game, but the one I like the most is my idea for how you meet your allies. I got the idea from my days playing ChronoCross for the PS1. Basicly you gain your allies based on the choices you make during conversation events. I will also take it a step further to make it so that some allies will betray you based on choices you make during later conversations. events will alter based on the characters in your party, or no longer become active if event specific character(s) are missiong, either because of being dead, leaving, or turning agenst you. I feel a game like this will have some replay value, even for me. Maybe I'll even given the game alternite endings based on ket choices. i wouldn't doubt that such ideas have been used before. I havent read anything like this anywhere though so I think once its done it will be worth playing to some degree. Keep in mind I'm new to making games. Also this is the first project I have committed to.
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