I am a writer that always loved RPGs. After a lot of tryouts and abandoned projects with RPGmaker, I went minimal with a horror sci fi game. Working as a solo developer on my spare time, my dream is to get this project finished and get commercial.
No longer the Earth
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Simple Food/Starvation System

Hello Community,

I have tested RPG maker in the past but I am a little rusty. So I am requesting with your help. I know this can sound little elemental but I need to get along with the event mechanics again.

I want to create a simple food/starvation system. Combined with a daily calendar system. The idea is you need to get feed, by item menu, once per day before going to sleep and ending the day. And if you don't do that you get the starvation bad bonus, and possibily day after some days.

Will try that on my own but if someone can grab some clues will save me a lot of days. Will upload some info and screenshots of my project the soon I can reach the core of the game.

Thanks for your love and feedback,

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