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more like yoshi eggs, kirby parasol, chain chomp, and sonic rings.

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

take me off. I don't think i'll have my demo ready by then.

Yo Momma Jokes

Post and discuss yo momma jokes here.

I'll start, Yo momma's so dumb it took her 2 hours to watch 60 minutes. :P

Release Something! Day VII: Advent Children [June 20th]

Sign me up for "Ultimate Pwnage"

-yes its a game -_-

Horrible Game Endings

The legend of Dragoon - PS1

It has a nice cutscene at the end after you beat the final boss, but after that it just freezes up at the "The End" screen. If you saved at the bosses lair like I did the only thing you can do is replay the final boss over and over again. You can't go back to previously visited areas and fight old enemies to level up and get more skills. The ending itself was good, but the fact that it freezes up at the end makes me mad :(.

Your Game Sucks

I agree with Griever, Gameplay is extremely important to me and in most of the games I have played there just isn't enough Gameplay to keep me interested. That's why in my next game I will include a custom battle system or CBS for short.

Release Something! Day VI - Discussion Thread

I read it, it was nice. The end was funny and yes it would be an abuse of power :P

[Deactendo presents]: ''Multimediaxis Kart SDS

boo is too slow.

Pokémon Hunter

wussy heal? why?

Release Something! Day VI - Discussion Thread

author=Liberty link=topic=3368.msg68723#msg68723 date=1238456842
So I played a few more games. Here's what I thought about them. ^.^

Jeremiah's Bedroom was more of an interactive story than a game. It was very short and did have a small mini-game to 'spice it up'. The story itself was alright. Nothing earth-shattering but it had a decent twist at the end. The characterisation was okay and consistent. Mapping could have been better. There really wasn't a need for so much space in each room. Cutting each ropom in half would have made it a bit less bare. There were custom sprites which were pretty nice. As for the mini game, well it was a bit hard to understand how to play it. Still, it was an interesting 'play' and I did finish the game. Good job.

Thanks, I didn't think anyone was going to play it. I'm glad you found it interesting.
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