Wold Map request

I am working on a project in RM2K3 that I want to be as good as I can make it. I'm not really the best when it comes to mapping but I'm ok at towns and dongeons but I just can't seem to make a world map. All I'm looking for is a simple decent looking world map with a snowy continent to the norh, a volcanic continent to the south with maybe a few small islands around it, some long kind of wasteland desertish looking continents one to the east and one to the west and two moderatly good sized continents in the middle with forests and mountains and stuff like that. Yeah, that's all I'm asking for so if someone could give me something like that, I'd greatly appreciate it. And yes, you will get credit.

So does anyone still use RM95?

You know cuz it's so old and all. I've only seen one game on here for it.

where can I find Final Fantasy X battle chars for rm2k3

I am making a remake of FFX and am wondering where i can find the ffx battle charas. Now before anybody says anything I am not releasing this it is for my own reasons and benefits. If anybody knows where I can find some please help I would greatly appreciate it

Chast question for rm2k3

OK so I began with vx where you could just quick event chests and stuff. I soon descovered rm2k3 and loved it because you could do so much without having to search the web for scipts. Yes I am aware of the SBS scripts for vx but I still like rm2k3 more. Basically I was wondering when creating chests in rm2k3 is there any easy way to do it without having to ue switches? I just hate using up so many switches since I don't know the max number.

Enemy Touch System Help

OK, so I want to use the method where you touch a wandering enemy sprite to trigger a fight. The only problem I'm having is how to make them disappear after winning and then reappear after coming back to that map. Any ideas on how to do that without having to use a bunch of switches?

Looking For Rpg Maker 2003

Does anyone know where I can download rpg maker 2003? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Playing a game without the Program

I know this may sound like a silly question but I need to know this for a friend of mine. Can someone play an RPG maker vx game without having RPG maker vx itself?

Map Makers Wanted

Alright, I am making a Final Fantasy game and I need someone who knows how to make a Final Fantasy style map. The program I use is VX btw. I'm not really that good at making maps so I really need help with this. If you agree to help me I will pm you each time I need a new map made and I will explain in detail how I want it made. It would be good if I could get multiple people to do this as it would go by alot quicker but it's not a must just would be good. I'd like up to three or four people at the most. If you agree to do this just say so in this thread and I will pm you your first map assignment. I will be sure to give you full credit as well

Spritesheet Help

Alright I found a script that gives me the capibility to use a battle system like that of ff tactics but to have enemies I need to make spritesheets for each enemy, Well the guy who made the demo gives no instruction on how to make the spritesheets needed to have enemies and the only samples he gives are the slime and a frog and I don't have anyway of contacting him. Do any of you know how to make spritesheets?
This is for VX. Here's the link to the script incase you don't know what I'm talking about.

Blue Mage

Hey um I'm trying to make a Final Fantasy fan game and I was just wondering how can I make a blue mage? I know some of you guys did it on your ff games so if someone could help me out. Is it possible to make a blue mage or a blue mage skill without writing out a huge script?
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