I'm a journalist/author with a fondness of RPG Making and an aversion to leaving projects unfinished - great for satisfaction, not so much for quantity. I'm married and live in Cromwell, CT with my wife, twin sons, and the dog.
A (semi) open world game about going to school in Solest.




It's okay to post bug reports here if they come up.

I looked at this one and I saw that those teleports are set to "action button" on Day 4 rather than the usual "player touch." In other words, you'll have to press enter on the edge of the South Gallia map for it to work. It will be fixed in the next release, thanks for telling me!

Resurrect the Dying

Double check the end date. It finished 18 hrs ago.

I did see that now, but the Rules page still says finish by October 30 so I assumed that meant October 30.

Regardless, I do have a new demo ready for anyone interested. You can find it here.
Legacy (Day 10 demo)

I may have missed out on some visibility associated with the event, but I hope you guys check it out.

Resurrect the Dying

Has the deadline passed? It's still October 30 where I am.

Pessimism outpaced by Realism

Ah that's true, yours was right around the same time. It feels longer ago but I think that's cause you've done so much. Although I guess it's a question of story progress vs. open-world progress. The open world is a lot bigger, but the story isn't as far along as I'd like. I'm excited to see how you and the others react to some of the new scenes when they're done.

Legacy in 2022

Taking Kurt out on a stroll along the beaches! How romantic!

Long walks on the beach, occasionally interrupted by hostile wildlife.

At some point in the new year, remember to send me your wish list of scripts.

We got all the big stuff done and that was a big part of the reason why I've been able to do as much as I have. Thanks again for all your help!

I will be curious to see how you revise the map feature now that there's so many new areas. Other than that, I would expect smaller and more targeted ideas, such as more unique skills/spells that go beyond what the vanilla database can do.

it gives me peace that legacy isn't following the dungeon design of phantasy star 3

I haven't played that but your statement sounds like a compliment so thanks!

More details on Classmate friendships

Haha, well this is an idea that's still in very early development but with Nevin, his father is a weapons supplier for the city guards so I think if you spend enough time with him, you'll get access to some good weapons. That just leaves Tanya, who is generally the best to take along if you're going to be solving puzzles as wind magic is useful in a variety of situations.

Bro Quest Review

Thanks for the review! As far as the difficulty is concerned, I was worried that if the fights were too easy the whole game would be over in like 10 minutes since it's already short as it is.


will there be different magic classes like summoning that the main character can do or is that only for the summoner

Not summoning, but your study of elemental magic eventually allows for one of two specializations, which allow for a more unique approach to combat. The base spells for all the different schools of magic are fairly similar, but the specializations is where they start to diverge.


Legendary weapons, yes. Multiple difficulties, no.


Yes, each element does have a status effect associated with it although not every spell will trigger it.

As for completion, I'm hoping to have a demo out by mid-July. The entire game? God only knows.