I want to translate my decades long fascination and love for RPG games into the realm of development and creation ... and I mean decades since I turn 60 this year (2014)! This site appears to be an excellent environment to learn and grow. In addition to gaming, process management, independent video & filmmaking, amateur graphic design and entrepeneurship are areas of interest. Cultural interests are music (classical, esp. medieval, renaissance, baroque) and cinema.
Widows of the Vampyr
Comedy horror RPG created for 2014 IGMC


Vox Populi's Vault of Miscellanea

Vox Populi's Vault of Miscellanea

video * photography * 3D * art * digital art * design * literature

~ a virtual theater and gallery presenting creations past, present and future ~

Update 20Jul2014: Added "Eye of Ra" photograph

Eye of Ra
Remnants of a "giant's work shattered" by endless time beneath the watchful Eye of Ra

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


Spectres : a video poem

Sheba : colorization & studies of an old movie still

Prof. Archibald's Psychic Laboratory : a video and map design diagram for RPG Maker project : anatomy of a map

1. Vintage illustration of antique projector used as inspiration for psychic projector
2. Photoshop line diagram to final b/w mock-up of projector
3. Shaded line diagram of psychic receptor (original design)
4. Final color version of psychic receptor
5. The sprite of the hero, Hieronymus Xylander, wearing the fashionable brass electrode cap and psychic conductor
6. Early version of map
7. Finished map


Sunmist Shrouded Trees

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