Final Fantasy Discovery
A faithful recreation of popular Final Fantasy systems blended into a single game.



Final Fantasy Style BattleLog v1.02

You still have this? The Pastebin URL no longer works.Wayback Machine found it.

Honestly not sure about how compatible this will be these days since it was made in the earliest version of MV, and not made very well, I'm afraid. Was learning JS big time at the time. But if you need any help with it, I can always revisit it, just let me know :D

Blackmoon Prophecy Prelude

Nice to see ya still at it bud, looking forward to it.


AEGIS Company, checking in. :P

Final Fantasy Discovery

Hi there

Any updates on the game? I really wana play it.

Are you still developing this?

Many thanks

Yep, still workin' on it. Lots and lots to do, it's going slow. Sorry there has not been much new stuff to show you guys in a visual sense.


Ain't nothin' wrong with this as is, but if you want it to be a little more like Y'shtola, look up a few dialogue lines from FFXIV and convert these sentences into the unique way that FFXIV characters talk.

If you play FFXIV you know what I mean, a little less intense than Urianger lol

Arena Demonstration

Vahn needs to get that accuracy up!


Believe me when I sayyyyyy... I fuuuuuuuuuuucked a merrrrrrrmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid

Final Fantasy Discovery

I will admit sometimes I wonder if you were going to burn yourself out given the many years that have passed by.

But I'm rooting for you.

Though you really should think about bringing some people onboard to help you finish this off. I'm sure at this point you managed to reach some milestones already by yourself.

I just hate to see another Dragon Quest+ situation, wouldn't be good.

Sadly, the biggest contributor to what this project used to be (janussenpre) had to detach from it for his own personal reasons. I think he said it was a medical concern at the time. Since then, the scale of things has been brought way down to avoid exactly what you describe. No burnout from me, but I don't dedicate tons of hours per day to working on it like I used to. Eventually, we'll get it done.

I admire everyone's patience. :D

Final Fantasy Discovery

...But...it has been so long...in the making...

It has. One person making a game can take a long time. :)

Final Fantasy Discovery

...so... is this game cancelled or...?

Does it... say it's canceled... anywhere?