I have a really cool idea for a community game, but alas, it would require a really dedicated scripter and an amount of time I'm not willing to take away from FFD development. Still planning it out, though just in case.


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You're magical to me.
Care to indulge our curiosity? :D
All I can say is that it would be akin to a few mobile games out there right now, only without that annoying "please buy stuff with real money" mechanic attached to it.

But it would require a bunch of scripting working in tandem with each other, so I doubt existing stuff out there would be able to pull it off. It would need a dedicated script author to do all the scripts specifically for this one project.

Perhaps when I plan it out further and there is enough to pitch, I will dump the idea on the RMN forums and if anyone wants to get it going, I would be more than happy to.
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