Final Fantasy Discovery
A faithful recreation of popular Final Fantasy systems blended into a single game.


RMN, name 40 characters for me, kthx plz

Greetings, all.

I have been flirting with an idea for a community-driven project, and I may one day reveal that soon. However, in the interim, I have a favor to ask. I've got about 40 characters that need some sweet names. I'll provide their job/class and gender, and you guys can go nuts!

There's only one rule; well, guideline: try not to use names used in other people's RM projects (there's a reason, maybe I'll explain it later on).

Ready? Let's do this!

  • Warrior: Male
  • Thief: Male
  • Pyromancer: Female
  • Cryomancer: Male
  • Priestess: Female
  • Magic Blade: Male
  • Viking: Male
  • Mesmer: Male
  • Archer: Female
  • Bard: Male
  • Gladiator: Female
  • Marksman: Male
  • Elemental Mage: Male
  • Cleric: Male
  • Paladin: Male
  • Rogue: Male
  • Monk: Female
  • Dark Knight: Male
  • Assassin: Male
  • Minstrel: Male
  • Samurai: Male
  • Warlock: Male
  • Loyal Knight: Male
  • Soldier: Male
  • Doctor: Male
  • Dragon Hunter: Female
  • Dancer: Female
  • Berserker: Male
  • General: Female
  • Engineer: Female
  • Seer: Female
  • Sorceress: Female
  • Martial Artist: Male
  • Princess: Female
  • Magician: Male
  • Pirate: Male
  • Ninja: Female
  • Sunspear: Male
  • Necromancer: Female
  • Sniper: Female

If there are any questions about what any of these job/classes are, I can explain them a little more intimately, if needed. Basically, they're really just filling a character archetype we've seen in RPGs since forever. Do me proud, RMN!

[PAID] [RMVX ACE] Spriter/Parallax Mapper for FFD


The Final Fantasy Discovery development team have been working extremely hard on our next demo build and we’re hoping to have a new release available to the public in the near future. To facilitate this process, we’ve decided to seek out and commission freelancers to assist in completing some of the mountains of art assets that will be in the final version of the game.

Specifically, we are looking for 1-2 individuals who can adequately perform the tasks listed below:


  • Must be capable of editing existing sprites into sprites within the threshold of the Final Fantasy 4: Complete Collection art style and dimensions.
  • Must be capable of creating original sprites off of conceptual artwork within the threshold of the Final Fantasy 4: Complete Collection art style and dimensions. Conceptual references will be provided.

An example of a Final Fantasy Discovery character sprite (Leon)

Parallax Mapper

  • Must be capable of creating original maps within the graphical scope of our project utilizing a combination of pre-existing (and permissible) map assets/doodads and original artwork resources.
  • Must be flexible enough to base maps off of conceptual artwork in order to ensure our creative vision is followed adequately. Conceptual references will be provided.
    Having a pre-existing library of permissible and aesthetically compatible art assets would be a major plus.
  • Must be capable of making minor edits or creating minor (and original) art assets when needed.
  • Must be able to animate water to a satisfactory degree.

An example of one of our Parallax Maps

Other than what is listed above, we’re also looking for people who can conduct themselves professionally. These are PAID commissions and Final Fantasy Discovery is an extremely ambitious and hefty project. We’re looking for talented spriters/mappers who we can work well with and can, hopefully, stay with us for the long term future in a freelance retainer type capacity for at least a few months. Payments will be made monthly while payment amounts will be discussed in private based upon a myriad of different factors (availability, talent, work progress, consistency of a long term project, etc). Paypal is our payment medium of choice.

We’re looking to vet interested parties as soon as possible. If you’re interested in contributing to Final Fantasy Discovery or if you have any questions, please feel free to pm your information and example works to William (WCouillard) or Paul (janussenpre) on the rpgmaker.net website. We want to reiterate that this is a potentially long term commission. If you haven’t heard of Final Fantasy Discovery, please come check out our game page for more information.

Thanks for your time!

Final Fantasy Complete Collection SFonts

Any artists taking commissions?

I need an artist to draw some new face graphics for the Final Fantasy Discovery project. The stretched out FF4 PSP faces aren't doing it for me. I imagine it'd be something like 20 or so faces, maybe more.

So, any talented artists here taking requests or commissions? Send me a private message, if interested and we can talk about prices and what is needed for the art, etc.


FF4 PSP Battlebacks Set

Adding Media?

How does one go about adding Media to a game page?

I don't see any option for it. Are we even allowed to do that? O_o

EDIT: Ugh don't mind me. But since this is the feedback forum, I'd suggest making the "Submit Media" link a little more noticeable. :D

Video Recording Freeware?

Anyone know of a good freeware video recorder? I'd like to take some video of some gameplay in various projects. Not sure if this is the right forum for it, but none of the others seemed to fit, either.

VX Ace Damage Formula Error

Can anyone tell me what this error means? I am trying to make some pretty complex damage formulas for things in my project here... and I don't see anything wrong with the equation itself.

Is there a limit to how many things RMVXA can process in a damage formula? Also, why would it be "expecting" a ")" when the ones that already exist in the formula are closed?

EDIT: Ugh, I am a dummy for not seeing the problem right away. Nevermind. Fixed.

VX Ace Step Counter

Not sure if this is included in VX Ace the way it was in RPG Maker XP (I don't think it is). Can anyone provide a script that count steps and stores them in a variable? I'd like to have the feature back.

VX Ace Call Script question

Can anyone tell me the script call to add a skill to a specific actor?

Example: An item in the player's inventory teaches a skill. This is a feature in VX Ace. What ISN'T a feature is choosing WHO can learn it. By default, the item can be used on any party member. So I'd have to do it through a script call inside a common event.

Can anyone help?
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