Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga

Liliput Legend

Hmnn, I thought I was pretty clear about my question.
It was a "Key" question, turns out that I was trying to use a silver key in a gold lock. Ya well, I know, The simplest of things can just bewilder me at times, Ha

Seriously, the game was very entertaining, very playable with an enjoyable story.
I hope you continue with this project because I like the idea of building friendship points and I could see more being done with that.
The woods, I just needed to do some grinding and well, as far as poison, maybe it's because I am human but I never had a taste for it.

I subscribed in case you do go commercial with this, I assume that you already have more of the story and an ending already in mind.

Dragon Glory

Such a happy ending, that 1st dungeon, wow!
Really Strange how the final two bosses died.
No damage and then, "Boom" they were toast.
Thank you, it took me over 6 hours and if it wasn't for the "Life ups" , I would still be grinding.

Liliput Legend

I had a key question at Milhurst Castle that has resolved itself.
So I edited my question to instead let you know that with 8 hours of play in, I enjoyed this game very much.
The ending seem to come all too soon but I guess that is why they are called Demo's.
Of course, I would like to see the story carried out to some sort of a more complete ending.
I did have a bit of a frustrating time getting through the Fogone woods, and entirely way too many things out there used poison.

Above Hell

Not sure what I am doing wrong, game seems ok, I install the correct RTP.
Still no bananas, any ideas for me?

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

Finding Chibae

This was a delightful game to play, it does beg for an ending.
I'll spend the rest of my years wondering what ever happened to Sadie?

Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors

Wow, what a great game.
Mechanically perfect. (Glitch Free)
Such a neat story, I have never played a FF game before in my life but this game makes me me feel like a fan already if any of them are half as good.
It was a little hard not having bottles of maana ay my disposal, buying lots of tents to save with and such but all that soon became part of this games charm.|

I am not going to tell you that I wasn;t confused through much of the game but trying to figure out what to do next was in hindsight much of the fun.
Well i got there anyhow.
My favorite part was the moral decision you have to make when joining force with Bahmut? The dragon lord, and then the story twist at the not so happy ending.
Everybody is different but my favorite character was Bikke the pirate.
Here he is a successful pirate that just got his ship back but he is asked to hang out with them.
Why not? He replies.
I am having the adventure of my life, I am a Sky Warrior. lol
I am not kidding you
This game was a blast, thank you

Dragon Quest Remake (95% Complete Demo)

Greetings AnimeBryan,
This game has been fantastic to play up until now.
I have never played the original so I have been just muddling along, but that has been working out ok.

So I have this blond haired beauty that I rescued from some swamp cave that I stumbled across when I was lost and wandering about in the wilderness.
I bring her back to her castle and the strange thing is that nobody even wants to interact with us.
You would think that the King would be overjoyed to see his own daughter but nope, just cold hard stares from both the king and his advisor.
Has something gone amiss here or is there something that I am missing.
Thank you in advance for any help or ideas that you may have.


Story of Integra

Hi, Tosi
I just downloaded this game yesterday and have been enjoying it immensely, until now. Sometimes I just can't figure out the simplest of things and this is one of them. I am in Capitol town and have gotten into the Mages Guild with the lock picks.
I defeated the Lich and his companions and entered a cut-scene were Integra is trying to find her way out.At the Victoria tells her, "You know what to do."

OMG !!! 3rd time is a charm I guess, This time Victoria moved out of the way so I could jump, before she wouldn't, I even tried eating some toxic fish until I died.
So, I have know idea why but I guess I was the victim of some sort of a glitch (2x).
Thank you for this great game and I hope I can persevere to the end.
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