Heartfire: A Born Again ...
Join Aldo and his friends on their mission to upload a scientist's memories into a supercomputer.




A few elevation issues (top left; the wall should be 2-tiles high) but otherwise it looks great!



Live Showcase in April!

Congratulations! You deserve much recognition. :D

Oblivion Quest

Someone has played the Elder Scrolls. Sounds awesome, though.

Heartfire: A Born Again Saga

Where's your demo, YO? :P

It's coming soon-ish! I want to make sure it's the best I can make it.


I agree with Addit. This Lance looks awesome.

Slight Update

It's awesome seeing how into this project you are, and how you're actually listening to feedback. Keep these updates coming, yo.

Heartfire: A Born Again Saga

Missed my deadline of March 7th. Pretty sure that's obvious. As soon as I'm happy with it, I'll upload it. Shouldn't be too much longer.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

Warlund is secretly a trainer for Tauren Rogues.

Now, see, that's funny because I play that game. Even made one of them tumblr things for my character (I play on an RP server).

LightningLord2 was sent from the future to murder baby Hitler; spoiler: he failed.