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My Darling
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My Darling

What version of RenPy you use(d)?
Well... some Vn do at 15 at just one day or something like that?

I used the version 7.2.2 of RenPy ! And it took me about 2 months to create this VN last summer (I don't have a lot of time to create video games because of my studies...).

My Darling

That was what it said on the tin.
At first I thought it might take the twist in another direction, but then it went full-on 'it's what you thought it would be' mode. Still! It works, and it is a little bit of a niche of its own : ) Thank you for the translation, too. I wouldn't have been able to play it without that.

Thank you for playing :)

My Darling

What a truly delicious love story. It's a pity there's only two endings, though - I thought at least one of the choices would lead to another ending (worry, bedroom, lie), but yeah, good job.

Thank you :)
Yes, maybe in the future version I will add some endings.

Leave the Room

Game becomes un-finishable, when the chair gets pushed to the bottom. :<
Also, game has actually 3 endings.

Hi moekyun !

Okay, I'm going to make a reset system with that chair x)
And you think I have to considerate the game over as one ending? I haven't thinking of it like this but yeah maybe I have.

Thank you ;)

Do Us Part

I played the game and it was pretty good! I liked its creepy atmosphere (mostly at the beginning). Also nice graphics!

The Room of Eyes

I want to play this game! *o*

Hide, Hart

I've finally got the 4 endings! Nice story and pretty drawings :3 I'd like to play another game with this atmosphere (if you want to make a new project) like... a prequel? ;DD
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