"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Hi Friends,

I'm David. I'm a long time fan of indie games and especially RM2K/3. It's absolutely amazing to see what other have created here. I started gaming with the TI-99/4A computer with titles like "Hunt the Wumpus" and "Tunnels of Doom". Yeah...I'm showing my age here. From there, the classic old Sierra games like King's Quest and Space Quest were my favorite.

I'm working on remaking Tunnels of Doom with RPG Maker 2003, it an ambitious project giving this game an RPG story when it never had one before. In retrospect I probably should have remade Hunt the Wumpus first... it would have been a lot easier! (But then again... I'd want to give that game an RPG story as well!)

I'm looking forward to learning more about writing and character development here, as this is an area I can definitely improve on. So when I'm not doing my day job, I'll be here on RMN lurking and learning.

Feel free to talk to me, I'm easily approachable!

David Justin Bibby (aka Waxius)
Tunnels of Doom RM2K
Bringing a classic 1982 dungeon crawl game to a new generation.



Jingle Jangle Jam

Well.. I didn't finish. I got about 40% of it done before school, work, and family obligations consumed all of my time.

Question, if I finish the game in the next week or two, can I make a game page and say that this WOULD have been my entry in the event?

Jingle Jangle Jam

A game that lasts between 5 and 60 minutes? Impossible! sign me up!

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Okay, so the musician/band Those Who Ride With Giants has some absolutely PHENOMENAL music, which is atmospheric and inspired by a lot of prog rock bands as well as movie and game scores, and whenever I listen to it I get these visions of a sort of cinematic game-like experience. So, I'm thinking of putting together an atmospheric puzzle platformer, using his music as the soundtrack if I can get his permission to do so. The game would either be non-commercial, or all proceeds would go to him, but basically I just want to take the inspiration his music gives me and give it life. If you haven't heard his music, look it up, it's breathtaking and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

The game itself would use each song as a level soundtrack, with an overarching story that progresses through each album, and could be considered episodic with future episodes and levels released as more music becomes available. Just what I'm thinking about, not sure how the actual execution will go.

That's actually a very good idea. It's a nice way to share music in a way that brings the experiences and emotions into it. It doesn't even have to be an actual "game"... you could make it a very long cinematic cutscene if you have story to tell. Of course puzzle games with awesome background music is fun.

I'll have to check out the music!

Castlevania - Sonata in Red

Awesome! I'll get this one too!

Tunnels of Doom RM2K

So far I only played the story mode:
I can see the huge effort put in the game, there's a LOT of options to change gameplay but some things didn't make it for me like the menu opening when you press the cancel button when choices are given ( Canceling it opens it again) and some other minor stuff (like the delay between some actions.)

The dungeon experience is really nice, the mapping is good and it's really AWESOME that you made a functional tactical rpg for fights huge fan of that i'm very impressed!

I played until you start playing with Ethan. I'll continue playing some other time :)

Glad you like it so far Brawnie! You've only got a little bit left to go before you reach the point where I hit a wall. Keep going and you'll see some interesting graphics right after you leave the castle...

I think you'll also like Classic Mode... play on Easy, 4 Levels, and have a party of 4 (two fighters, one wizard, and one rogue).. Much different experience!!


Tunnels of Doom RM2K

Gonna post my impressions in comment form, since, you know, this game is not complete yet. I'd give it a 4/5 in its current state, but I'd rather wait for the full thing before posting a rating.

Wow Gretgor! I'm really glad you liked it! Your feedback really made my day too, because I was starting to think that no one was going to watch the intro :)

I'm proud of the random dungeon generator.. it truly is random and not a pick of created maps, and you're right that was a lot of work.

The fountain is taken from the original game, which would randomly heal or hurt you. I might rethink how that works... maybe just full party heal. Drinking unidentified potions can also be bad for you!

I really want to finish the story mode (with 5 total dungeons), and the intent is to get dungeon only mode up to 10 levels and include Dragon enemies, like the original game... but THAT would make for a LONG survival game.

Thanks for letting me know about the problem areas too.. some of those I can fix. My challenge will be finishing the story... well.. cause I didn't write it all out first (Cardinal Sin!).

I appreciate you playing it, Gretgor!

By the way... what was your party make up in Dungeon Only mode?

Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

I'm totally in!

Name: Waxius

Portrait: A5

Personality: Kind, Strong, Stoic

Team: Team 2k

Class: Wizard's Staff

- Strength: 4/10
- Intelligence: 9/10
- Vitality: 4/10
- Agility: 3/10

Rock, Papers, Scissors: Scissors

Tunnels of Doom RM2K

This looks super awesome! Gonna have to check it out soon!

Hey Gretgor! I hope you give it a try, and would love to read your feedback!

Tunnels of Doom RM2K

I've played the chapter one.
So far the game is great, I've liked the battle system, it's totally unique, if you see all the other games here.
Hope to see the next chapters. See ya!

Thank you Sedenha! I think part of chapter 2 is out there... at least I hope it is! Looking forward to making more updates here soon.

The Penultimate Push

Absolutely... the game is incredible. I think I have your latest version... but I'll message you to be sure. Just gotta do it right and get you a new long play!