"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Hi Friends,

I'm David. I'm a long time fan of indie games and especially RM2K/3. It's absolutely amazing to see what other have created here. I started gaming with the TI-99/4A computer with titles like "Hunt the Wumpus" and "Tunnels of Doom". Yeah...I'm showing my age here. From there, the classic old Sierra games like King's Quest and Space Quest were my favorite.

I'm working on remaking Tunnels of Doom with RPG Maker 2003, it an ambitious project giving this game an RPG story when it never had one before. In retrospect I probably should have remade Hunt the Wumpus first... it would have been a lot easier! (But then again... I'd want to give that game an RPG story as well!)

I'm looking forward to learning more about writing and character development here, as this is an area I can definitely improve on. So when I'm not doing my day job, I'll be here on RMN lurking and learning.

Feel free to talk to me, I'm easily approachable!

David Justin Bibby (aka Waxius)
Tunnels of Doom RM2K
Bringing a classic 1982 dungeon crawl game to a new generation.


[OFFER] Need a review for your short game or demo?

Hi Everyone,

I'm participating in the RPG Maker Review Drive and I'm going for the Fess Badge. This means I'll have to write at least 25 reviews in the next 15-ish days.

If you have a short game or demo that I can play in under 5 hours, I will be happy to consider your game. I am very open minded so it doesn't matter to me if your game is serious, funny, crude, sarcastic, or even fully functional. It just needs to have a game page and a download here on RMN. I'm also looking to review games that currently have less than 3 reviews already.

One last thing... I will also record my game playing without narration, so I can also submit a "Let's Play" as well if the video is quality enough.

Please post below the links to your games and I'll add them to my playlist for review consideration.

Here's a link to my current reviews if you want an idea of what to expect:
Waxius's Game Reviews on RMN

Update - 4/0/2018: Review Drive is over, I wrote 26 Reviews!

1-Maze of Heroes by WerePanda83 - Review Live!
2-Do You Want to Quit by HanMiNah - Review Live!
3-HEROGOOD VS. VILLIANBAD Demo by Caz - Review Live!
4-Vega Legeacy Episode 1 by pianotm - Review Live!
5-The Ranch by InfectionFiles - Review Live!
6-The Piano Player by SquirrelHorse - Review Live!
7-Karma Flow: The Prototype by OldPat - Review Live!
8-Dumb Castle - Marrend - Review Live!
9-Minst - Irog - Review Live!
10-RTP - Milennin - Review Live!
11-Rainbow vale - Marrend - Review Live!
12-Red Ballon of Happiness - Irog - Review Live!
13-Might and Magic Tsuk - Marrend - Review Live!
14-Rave Heart - Starmage - Review Live!
15-Norilsk - Kory_toombs - Review Live!
16-Elf's Diary - Starmage - Review Live!
17-Aelwyn's Journey - Kory_toombs - Review Live!
18-Violets in the Sunrise - Kory_toombs - Review Live!
19-The Last Stand - Meteomage - Review Live!
20-Bleeding Sun - JaimePazLopez - Review Live!
21-Traum - Review Live!
22-In the Castle - Review Live!
23-Betwixt - Momeka - Review Live!
24-The Village Guild - Warpshadow - Review Live!
25-3ROGUES - Redd - Review Live!
26-Castlevania: Elegy of the Curse - Richterw - Review Live!

In progress:
27-The Seven Seals - Scourge

New to rmn, glad to be here!

Hello Everyone,

I'm so happy to see that there's still a very active community for RM2K and RM2K3 games! I used to be on RPGRevolutions years ago as a game reviewer, so I'm looking forward to possibly writing reviews here as well.

For my own personal project, I've been working on a remaking a classic game called "Tunnels of Doom". If anyone here is around my age (40), you might have played this game back in the day. It was for the TI-99/4a computer! Back then, games had no story line, so my project is to give this great game a story and still retain the "Classic" feel of the original game.

I'm looking forward to participating in this forum, having my game page added, and hopefully make some friends here!

David Bibby (Waxius)

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