|| Deeper We Venture ||

Greetings, and welcome to my ink-stained little corner of the world.

I'm an odd little writer with a taste for stories that don't end at the credits.

While I can't help in the coding department, and visual art is not my forte, I crave collaboration, I crave a shared adventure that can be weaved together from snippets and dreams. I've never participated in creating a game beyond testing, up to this point, but we all start somewhere!

My greatest love is writing, and so if I may, I would like to offer my mind and hand to any who would be willing to add me to their project.

It's also worth noting that I can work as an English translator.

I cannot offer perfection, only passion and dedication to any story that I am invested in.

|| To A Shared Dream and Reality ||

Those interested are free to contact me for writing samples and inquiries.


|| Thank You For Lingering ||
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