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Breath Of Fire 3 is awesome!!!!!!

III is my favorite one. I even love is jazzy soundtrack that everyone likes to hate on.

IV was pretty good, but I thought it messed up a few of the things I really liked about III, such as the dragon gene system and the world map. Fishing also wasn't quite as fun.

I is pretty dated now, but one thing about it still sticks in my mind: that goddamn spinning floor dungeon.

II, I actually never finished... someday I'll need to do that.

Why your name?

I went through an 80s hair metal phase in high school and thought the name "White Lion" sounded neat even though they were not one of the better 80s hair bands.

Game of Thrones

the magical elements aren't so much shunned as overshadowed by the politics right now.

as The Others/White Walkers and dragons become more important, so will the magical elements.

Your opinions on the DmC reboot?

When it was first announced, my reaction was "aww, c'mon! What's with the lame Dante?" But I eventually got over this after watching some videos.

Now I wanna play it, but right now I've got so many games I wanna play and not much time. Maybe after Ni No Kuni...

Game of Thrones

I read the series (thus far) a few months ago and now it's got me on a big high fantasy kick. The amount of detail GRRM has put into the books' universe without creating plot holes is pretty crazy, and I don't think I've ever had so much fun thinking about/discussing theories as with ASOIAF.

The show's great too. It's just unfortunate (though understandable) that it's missing so much of the detail from the books. All of the foreshadowing and prophecies can't really translate to tv, and it's a shame. That said, there are several scenes from book 3 that I can't wait to see adapted in seasons 3 and 4.

P.S. I still remember Brickroad and I think Jude(?) talking about the books like 10 years ago in the irc room and thinking hey, that sounds neat. And then I bought book 1 and for some reason didn't actually read it till last year. But yeah... My relationship with ASOIAF began with RPG Maker!

The Way EP 1

When Renly got killed in Game of Thrones, my first thought was, "oh shit, the phantom slasher!"

[Poll] Western RPGs VS Japanese RPGs

JRPGs, though I admit my knowledge of WRPGs is lacking.

When I was probably about 10, I played Earthbound on SNES and that kicked off a JRPG obsession that still holds today. For some reason I just never played games on the PC, though, so I missed out on things like the earlier Fallouts and Elder Scrolls, etc.

Nowadays I've played and enjoyed games like Fallout 3 and Skyrim but I'd still go with JRPGs. I'm a story guy, mostly, and one thing that kinda bothers me in some WRPGs is when there's no sense of urgency. Having a big world to explore is cool and all, but it also kinda takes away from the plot. "Hey we need your help defeating this evil demon! ....but take your time getting there. No rush."

Favorite RPG story and why?

I think I might have to say Tales of the Abyss, which I only just played fairly recently.

It has a lot to do with the characters being so well-done, and the fact that I've always been drawn to stories where sometimes you think the "villains" might be justified in what they're doing. It's a lot more powerful, in my opinion, when you have to defeat a villain whom you're not even sure you completely disagree with. You feel sad to see them go. In the case of this game, Van wanted a world where people weren't bound by predestination. I can hang with that...

How soon do you have to reveal the main antagonist?

I've always been a fan of Kefka's role in FFVI. The way he starts out as little more than a nuisance to your party, but through trickery eventually becomes the most powerful being in existence. It's interesting when both the characters in the game and the person playing the game are made to underestimate a villain... only for him to suddenly unleash a gigantic shitstorm of death all over everyone. How you like me NOW?

What are you jamming to?

Song of 2012 right here