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How planned-out should your RPG be before you begin?

After a 7-year absence from the RM community, I've decided to once again try and make an RPG. I've been thinking about the various things that went wrong with the projects I attempted in RM2K so many years ago, and I think the biggest one was a lack of planning. What I did every time was think up vague concepts for a hero and maybe 2 other party members, a villain, a world, and a basic conflict, and then I'd just jump right into RM2K and try to make something. Unsurprisingly, this never worked... I'd make it to maybe right after the game's first dungeon and then give up, deciding my game's plot was no good (which probably was the case most of the time, but having nothing planned was the bigger issue).

Just a few weeks ago when I made the decision to once again try and make a game, I decided that I'd plan everything carefully this time... I'd buy a notebook to write down and sketch ideas and I wouldn't even open up RPG Maker until I had the game all mapped out. But, just recently I've been thinking, if I already have everything planned out before I ever start making the game, is it still gonna be enjoyable to make it? I'll kinda just be going through the motions.

So, I'm interested in hearing peoples' opinions and personal experiences with this... is it better to plan meticulously or leave things a bit more open for change along the way? I know that, like with all creative processes, there's not just one answer that's right when it comes to making an RPG... but hearing how other people did it can help you come up with your own process.

Has anyone ever done a Grandia-style battle system in RM?

Any version of RM.

I only just started playing the first Grandia a little while ago. Never played it nor its sequels back in the day. I've been enjoying it, and the battle system is one feature in particular that I find impressive. It's simple, yet still holds up well against battle systems in RPGs nowadays.

So yeah, has anyone ever done it in RM? Is it even possible? I'd think it would be... A reasonable facsimile, at least.

The RM2K group on facebook...

Weird. I just found this.


Most of its members are people I remember from the old Don Miguel forum days. They've, uh.... I dunno. Just look.

My band has new songs... CHECK 'EM OUT

My band, Wonderful Spells. Four new ones!

Plus the last two are old ones if you've never heard those.


We've been described as pop... psychedelic rock... psychedelic pop... psychedelic pop/rock. I dunno. Just listen for yourself.

I uploaded one of my drum solos to YouTube

It's about 3 years old... I made this at my parents' house the summer before starting college.

After 3 years of music college and a lot of practicing with my band, I think I've gotten a bit better than I was when I made this video... but check it out anyhow.

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