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Note: I only take paid offers. Also, please keep in mind, without the details, I can't create an estimate.

Portfolio Link: www.stefanbilly.com

I'm a freelancing 2D artist, offering my skillset and experience. If you're interested in working with me, or have any questions regarding this matter, please contact me under - contact@stefanbilly.com

More worksamples can be found in my portfolio gallery. Also, the pictures are easier to look at and in better quality - LINK

Custom Item Menu - changing pages (rpg2k3)

I'm struggling with implementing a custom menu, specifically lists of items.
I've been working after this tutorial - http://rpgmaker.net/tutorials/410/

Basically, everything works, but switching pages. Mainly, I can't figure it out because I can't make out what exactly certain variables mean, which are involved into page changes.

Here is the beginning and end of my MakeList:

Don't bother with the numbers inside the branches. The -31 and such where merely assumption based, but didn't work (as somany other combinations). The difference between my menu and the menu in the tutorial:

I have 38 spots for items and display 10 items per page.
I didn't understand why ptrA and itemlistPtr were set to 41, even less why at the end you set ptrA 50 Less/Equal.

Also here is the code I use as key input for the page changing:

So, while switching left works once, further switches will result in total chaos (empty pages, pages showing the same item twice, random items somewhere in the list etc.)

While pressing right will usually show an empty page or doesn't allow switching.
If this is too much, can someone try to explain at least what those variables mentioned above do? Maybe I can figure out what I need to do by myself then.

Video Plugin - 2k3

The video function is utterly useless because of the enormously low settings allowed for it to be implemented into the game. This is one of the biggest problems for me, as I'm absolutely able to create some neat stuff in 2d/3d and real w. special effects, the best idea I've came up with so far was to "substitute" videos by making a row of pictures with a 0.0 second wait time between each picture, but I don't think this will work out well tbh. I've spent hours searching for video plugins but I couldn't find anything. Is there any source anyone knows/ anyone able to fix the allowed sizes in rpgmaker 2k3/ are there troubles with such a plugin to get to work?

Changing max Level through Events (rpg2k3)

I've changed the purpose of Levels enormously in my game, making them serve in a totally different way. However, for the system to become more interesting, I'd need a function that allows to raise the max level during the game. It's possible to set a max. Level in the character window, but I couldn't find any way to change the max Level through events later on. The best option I found so far was adding a new character for every level - like cloning my hero into another character spot and changing the max level from 3 to 4 on this spot, and repeating this like 20 times, then with every "max level up", i just remove the char and replace it with the next clone. But I feel a bit unsettled with the thought of having over 60 character spots, as well as the next problem is - removing and replacing the character always changes his spot in the party. I didn't find a way to change spots via events as well (speaking of this, I couldn't even find a way to make a char start off in back row but meh...). So I'd have to remove every character for just one character's levelup and replace them once again to control their order in party, which leads to some headaches with programming stored character IDs. Before I am going to penetrate myself with this, is there any other, easier solve existing?

Is rpgmaker2k3 unable to understand subtractions?

Here are 2 examples:

I made a Kraken Monster, the idea was, over time (turns elapsed on the Kraken's side), it spawns tentacles (max 3 hidden tentacles, being revealed one after another every 2 turns). For every tentacle, a variable ("tentacle attack") adds +1. Meaning, after 3 spawned tentacles, we have a value of 3. The same value lowers by 1 every time a tentacle gets killed.
The result is a number between 0 and 3. In the end, after a certain time, Kraken casts a skill (or better said, I make an event that shows a battle animation over my team + the planned damage). Skill damage= value of the Variable "tentacle attack" multiplied with 180~200. So, the more tentacles alive at this point, the more damage dealed to my party. Works fine as long as I don't kill a single tentacle. because as soon as I do, rpgmaker2k3 is in front of a math it can't solve - a subtraction. It also doesn't work with using a different variable for the kills and then subtracting the amount of tentacle attack. It also doesn't work if I change subtract 1 into add -1. It also doesn't work if I use Branches. The result stays the same, first the game "freezes" for like 2 seconds (probably desperatedly trying to solve the math) and then no damage is dealed to anyone.

Another example:

A gravity skill supposed to cut HP depending on my current HP.

Branch if Hero A is in the party
Variable "Hero A HP 1" = the actual HP of Hero A
Variable "Hero A HP 2" = the actual HP of Hero A
Variable: "Hero A HP 1" / 4 (it works fine until here, a gravity spell that lowers my HP by 1/4 or 1/2 works perfectly fine because it doesn't ask for substractions)
Variable "Hero A HP 2" - "Hero A HP 1"
Change HP: decrease by "Hero A HP2" (decreasing HP btw is the only subtraction that works for me)

What happens? My character loses the same amount of HP he has left...
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