Three Dog Night
Do you like dogs? How about comedic horror, pixel art, and lots of puns? Well, look no further!



Sorry to say, there's a bit of a delay...

Regardless of delay, I'm excited. Your project looks awesome and I can't wait to give it a shot. Take as long as ya need to make it the way you want,

Thank you, friend!
In all truth, I haven't even touched the project in months and I feel terrible about it! ): The story, graphics, etc are all finished. It just needs to be coded and I once was so excited about the project. I have just let my mind wander to several new fresh ideas I have in my head and completely neglected poor "One Week."

But your message has renewed a spark in me! I already put so much work into it, I'd hate to abandon it now! I'm gonna see where I'm at and see if I can't push back into it and get it to a shareable point. Thanks so much! <3


Totally great call on your part. I feel sheepish I didn't think of it. Thanks so much for the tip, love it! :D

One Week


but looks good otherwise

I totally see what you mean now that you've said that. I really appreciate the input. I am obsessed with pixel art but am completely new to making it myself. I've been redoing the maps and I do have to say, I see a huge difference now. I added a new image, so hopefully it addresses the clash you mean. Thanks Frogge!

Appreciate all the support guys!
Can't wait to share it with you as soon as I can! :D


Thanks for the support!
I've been racking my brain on how to rework the sprites or maps to make it all more uniform. Hoping I have some eureka moment and don't have to start from scratch. :O


Ah, I see what you mean, there. Oops!
I will definitely do that. Thanks for the tip!
A bit new to the trying nature of exactness in pixel games! :P

Want Your Pup Showcased in the Game?

Dog Name: Chief

Description: (a breed or picture helps us greatly!)
This little pupper lives with 2 humans and has a brother.
The humans feed him well, and keep him properly satisfied. Chief is a tad bit of a Diva though. The front window must always be accessible, because you never know when an intrusive squirrel or other aggressive woodland critter could come up trying to invade. His little big brother is a real jerk. He doesn't understand the time that goes into being this fabulous.

Breed - Dodo. (Officially a Chow Chow)
Festive Chiefy - http://imgur.com/a/tw3EK
Hungry Chiefy - http://imgur.com/zMtUTgb
PSL + Sweater Weather Chiefy - http://imgur.com/qEmHdhs

How to begin! Chief doesn't really listen to mere mortal humans. He has entirely too much going on to be worried about "time to go inside" ughhh...
Also, he requires being pampered. You cannot simply give him the same dog food for an extended period of time. Mix that shit up! Royalty has a different feast every night for dinner. Really, any sort of new thing to try, Chief is down to try! The black tongue is a genetic thing, not because he eats dirt all the time while digging, yeah that's it :D


Chief is an exquisite specimen of sheer dogness.
So cute.
So fluffy.
So... sassy.

I can't help but feel an overwhelming urge to meet him. He is the epitome of what we call... "a good boy."

Thanks so much for the submission!
Chief is amazing and he sure sets the bar pretty high for all the other puppies!

A Night at Hotel Deuce

Let me just say, wow!
The atmosphere in this game was amazing, though I shouldn't expect less from you at this point! You're an RPG Maker genius! But what a nice job! I am still hearing those animal heads giggling at me. *shudder*

I did do a short LP of the game if that is alright!

Can't wait to see what you come out with next!

The Eldritch Woods

Great game!
Well, the download does say "Demo," so is it safe to assume there may be more content in the future? I really enjoyed playing this and even recorded a "Lets Play" of my attempt, if that's alright. Thanks for the great experience, and I will be watching to see what happens next!

Night of the Lapinoids

Ah, I really liked this... was a bit sad once it was over! I made a Let's Play of the demo if that's alright. I really liked it and am looking forward to seeing what happens in the future! Very well done! ^_^

Bella's Mansion

Alright, I've been sinking a ton of time into this game but am really stuck. I didn't want to ask anyone for help but I can't seem to find any items or cutscenes that help me move forward.

So I have been wandering around looking for either the final 8th tear-shaped jewel or 1 more small key. I currently have 7 of the jewels so can't open that door and only have 1 small key so can't get into the 2-key locked door in the arctic room. I am not sure which I am supposed to find first or if I need a crowbar for the kitchen first, no idea, but I have definitely burnt myself out looking.

I have the following tear jewels already:
1) Waterway (by sword)
2) Center of maze room
3) Smaller library
4) Opened vault
5) Garden
6) On table in room with mini chase scene
7) Treasure room

I don't need a full answer even, just a hint would be greatly appreciated so I can continue my video playthrough of it. Love this game but dying to make some progress!

Never mind, I got it, turns out I had an old version of the game with a key missing. DOH!
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