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[RMMV] Event-Specific Music Issue

Hello Gamers!

I am working on some bugs in my game, Acrylic, and am looking for a bit of help regarding some music issues.

My game has an event where a timer starts and you have to explore a couple of things on various maps in order to stop the timer and proceed through the game. I have no problem starting this special tense BGM for this event once the timer begins. However, as soon as you leave the map, it goes back to its normal music. The event works other than that, but it sort of takes from the mood.

Does anyone know how to keep that music going regardless of the map, until the event ends? I thought I could use parallel events and switches on the other maps to achieve this, but the BGM restarts each time you enter a map. Any tips?

Thanks in advance! (:

Using MV on Multiple Computers

Hello Gamers!

I have a bit of a quick question I am hoping someone can help me out with!

Several months ago, I purchased RPG Maker MV and I absolutely love it. I have lots of projects I enjoy making and I've used a little not-so-competent Windows netbook to do the job. It works but is, well, a pain in the butt most of the time.

I recently had the joy of receiving a beast of a desktop for my birthday... the downside though is that it is a Mac. I already run WineStaging on my Mac to play many RPGM games and such without issue but I was wondering if anyone knew any way that I could set up RPG Maker itself on the new computer. I am going to continue making my games regardless, but the speed and convenience of my new computer and dual monitors is hugely superior to my little Windows netbook with a half-squished-in keyboard. I am sure I still have the activation information from when I purchased the game in October but was not sure if RPGMV can be operated on multiple devices, especially with different OS. I really would like to continue using it if possible.

Thanks in advance so much! :D
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