A Hobbyist Role-Playing Video Game Designer likes to design classic RPG's of 8-16Bit era like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy & Phantasy Star.
Micro Quest: Blackstone ...
A Classic JRPG Experience.



Theme Roulette 4

Got a question. If I choose to reroll will I be able to choose which theme to use for the jam?

Theme Roulette 4

(WORD - Responsibility) (GENRE - Comedy) (SETTING - Utopia)

WOW, comedy & responsibility??? well that's challenging. Never made any comedy game before. Well, the challenge is accepted.

Theme Roulette 4

Would love to see what Beregon comes up with the theme he's got.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

Apologies Fellow RPGMakers for uploading the wrong version. The correct version has been uploaded now. Please download the game again. Apologies once again.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

@not_cocapoda hello mate finally fixed the bug you've mentioned.

Also @thesacredlobo please play the new version of the game, the bug has been fixed.

Downloads Reset after uploading update to the game.

I've uploaded an update to my game, fixing few bugs reported. My downloads no. just reseted, how do I keep my download numbers updated? Please help.

Release Maker Birthday~

Whew! made it. Uploaded my project for the event. Feedback would be appreciated.
Micro Quest: Beneath Brimestone (Alpha).

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine Review

@thesacredlobo thank you for the review. Working on the bugs you've mentioned on your review.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

@thesacredlobo working on the glitch/bug you & not_cocapoda discovered. Apologies for the bug. Thanks for playing the game & reviewing it, much appreciated. Your advise is duly noted in the review, will work on expanding characterization & boss fight. Also working on the minor bug you've mentioned in your review. Once again thanks for playing the game, review & pointing out the bugs.

Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

@thesacredlobo Looking into it.
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