It seems like a pretty good game so far, I'm just having problems with the guy with the shears.
Is he supposed to stay stuck there? As soon as I move it, he kills me. I'm going to feel really dumb if it is something simple.

Schuld (English Translation)

More or less my review on it:
This really is a game that gets your mind working with puzzles and timing-strategies. The way the game is set up has you making quick choices and thinking a bit outside of the box, but it is not too complicated at all.
The story is rather confusing to follow until the very end ad even then it seems somethings are left unanswered. It reminded me somewhat of Silent Hill 2 in which you play the main character through out the whole story which is shrouded in mystery and at the end it is revealed that he knows exactly what led up to that point while the player had no idea.
It was a very short game, but all in all, it was pretty fun. I will consider replaying this sometime in the future, when it isn't so fresh in my mind.

Eden Gate

Looks really amazing, I can't wait until it is completed. Just the trailers make it look so out of every other games league as far as visuals go(or rather the neatness of it all with menus and such). I hope to see this project finished and wish you the best of luck in completing it (just looking at it and trying to figure out somethings that you did look like a total and complete pain). :D

Problems with RPG Maker 2003

I think I figured it out, other than the fact that her name was Maria and I was completely off the mark, I had plugged in my zune and that's when it messed it up. I disconnected it and then restarted my computer and now it works fine. I guess I just shouldn't use anything in the usb ports while playing because it thinks it is like a game pad or something.

Thanks though, Cherry. I'll keep that around encase it something else happens. :)

Problems with RPG Maker 2003

I just got the RPG maker 2003 to play a few games, I managed to start one game, Schuld, and got to I guess the second part of it where he chases Rachel (I guess) and now none of the directional keys (arrow keys, wasd, number pad) are working. The only thing that is working is the x and spacebar keys. I can't move anywhere, just open the inventory. I don't think I pushed any buttons that would have caused this.
I've tried exiting out of the game itself and then the rpg maker and retrying, but it won't work. I've also tried different games for rpg maker 2003 and they all have the same problem.
Can Someone help, please?
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