Author of LandTraveller, an animal-ear themed constructive action RPG on Steam.
A top-down constructive action RPG.



RPG 20XX Engine

I don't know when or if it will leave hiatus, I don't have time for large side projects anymore like I used to in 2010. I won't even be able to re-evaluate the status of this project until after I finish LandTraveller, which has a good two years left of its main development cycle or more.


Was not expecting to be reminded of Meridian Dance here. I was a part of it and I don't even really understood what that site was supposed to be. Its like a weird fever dream now.

I was indirectly responsible for its demise. They set up a Subversion repository for me to check updates to my old RPG20XX emulator into, but some hacker was able to hijack the site in January of 2012 and make it redirect to spam. I was able to move everything to Assembla, but Meridian Dance only continued to exist as an IRC channel after that for a year or so.

My original frustrations that led to me leaving was nothing short of elitist, something I'm not at all proud of.

Reading old threads here has been quite a trip.

Here's the oldest screenshot of RMN I have

That feel when the 19 year old version of yourself thought they were an adult and had no idea how formative the place they signed up to would be. I really did one summer in 2009 just Google "RPG Maker Forum" and clicked onto this site.

Trigonometry script for rpg maker 2003

A moment of dread came over me when I saw I had new notifications for this thread, but it turns out its because there's two people here doing good work updating a (by now) legendary script. Keep it up, and thanks.

This thread is eternal.

Trigonometry script for rpg maker 2003

What is this thread

Tech Demo

I managed to get a couple of other Sofias running around as other character entities. Things are going to get even more challenging since I have to optimize all this code.

Trigonometry script for rpg maker 2003

I love how forums never change

I can't fun too much, I was like this back in 2009 when I first joined. There's nothing like being an edgy college undergrad on the Internet.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

Achievements were starting to get abused too. If you're wondering how, well:

New games now have to pass an algorithmic filter and then trading cards and achievements will become enabled for that developer to add.

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

They've disabled trading cards and achievements for new games understanding there's a cottage industry around selling "game shaped objects" just to abuse the system, so its not like they don't know what's going on. Its so weird how unwilling Valve is to do something about stuff like this, even if its something they can be held liable for.