My specialty is music composition, but I also have a little background in programming and some experience with pixel art. After a recent breakthrough on an RPG Maker 2000 project I've been working on, I'm well on my way to launching a game page and starting to piece things together!

Naturally, it will have a completely unique soundtrack. The theme of the game is still under wraps, but I promise it won't be something you've seen before...

I just posted my first tutorial, based on a discovery I made while making my game. I'm starting to get comfortable here, so you can expect to see more submissions from me in the future.



How much do y'all like midi?

I think midi needs to evolve in quality in some way without increasing too much of the file size.

Various companies and individuals have been doing that for decades; MIDI is actually extremely flexible. Soundfonts, like gadesx pointed out, special effect definitions like Yamaha XG, and a whole range of software/hardware controllers have all helped MIDI to evolve.

The problem is in a case like ours, when playback quality is often limited by the quality of the synth on the computer being used to play the game. Beyond the fidelity of the instruments, attack/decay rates, dynamics, pitch range, and even pitch tuning can vary from computer to computer, making it difficult to compose a MIDI that will sound the same to everyone. For example, someone might compose a fast and flighty flute part, but if your favorite soundfont has a flute sample that's soft and slow, it'll sound way off.

Inconsistency is the main problem. But if you have control over playback quality, MIDI is fine. Some modern videogames still have MIDI songs, they just come packaged with decent instruments. In theory we could do the same thing with our games; tailor your songs to a common softsynth like Yamaha XG70 (developed for the Windows version of Final Fantasy 7), direct your players to download it, and you can be sure everyone hears the music the way you intended.

Putting a Team Together, To create a new engine.

I compose music. That sounds like the sort of engine I would want to use, and I'd like to contribute if you can get things rolling. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

RMN's 5 Year Anniversary 5-hour

A bit more voting time would be great. My fiancée and I bounce back and forth between in-town and out-of-town, and thus, DSL and satellite. I can't really download anything until tomorrow; uploading my game here was glacial.


It's not much of a game at all, but I tried. That's the whole point though, right? :)

RMN's 5 Year Anniversary 5-hour

I think everything is sorted on my submission now. Thanks Deckiller, Ankylo, and any other RMN staff for the extra help!

Parallel + Action Key Events

It can be more difficult to control the movement of a particular event from another event, though. If movement commands are localized then you can duplicate the event without much modification. I designed this while working with a parallel event that already tracks its own XY position and has a bit of pathfinding code to decide where to walk.

For other cases, a master parallel event is often the way to go, yeah.

[2k3] Passable Overpasses?

In RPGMaker 2000 I use the "swap tiles" feature to switch passability using upper tiles. I have a set of regular barriers for the upper level, and duplicates of a path tile with O passability for the hero to walk on. If you have a generic parallel event controlling your map, you can have it track the hero's XY position and specify ranges where the hero would cross under, as opposed to over. If the hero crosses any of those thresholds, swap the regular barriers (with X passability) with an alternate set of identical or near-identical barriers with star passability, and the upper path tile for an identical or near-identical tile with star passability. I added visual cues by removing the dark outline of the barriers and checkerboarding the path tile with transparent color so the player can "see" through the bridge.

You can also just place local events on either end below the bridge, set to activate upon touch. Either way, the nice thing is that the O passability upper tiles can obscure and override any barrier below, so you can make the path twist and turn if you want. RPG2k prioritizes the upper tile, and it should work in 2k3 too. Much easier than duplicate chipsets.

Hero won't stop running downward RM2k3

In RPGMaker 2000 I've noticed that if I use the keypad to move around and the num-lock is turned on, directions will occasionally stick, usually when I use the Shift key for special movement commands I'm trying out. Turning num-lock off prevents the problem, but then you can't "unstick" it if it's already happened.

If you use the keypad, turning num-lock off might help.

Mini Music Challenge

Congrats Kunsel! And congrats Athenium for our tie for second place!

Lately I've been doing nothing but chiptunes; it's great to find out I can be competitive with a GM soundfont too. It's inspired me to reconsider midis instead of mp3s for my current RPG project.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me! :)

Mini Music Challenge

My vote is #6. It's more like a modern JRPG airship song, where you float along while selecting a destination rather than zipping across a 2D map, but it's a great fit for that. I like the airy piano.

Some other comments:
#2 - Could be a mountain climb or epic battle song.
#4 - Very nicely written, but it's more like the "nostalgic memory" theme from the last contest. With different instruments and a beat I think it could fit the theme.
#8 - Promising intro that lasts too long and never really gets anywhere.
#12 - Very nice, similar to #6 but more like a serene forest than an airship. This was my second choice.
#14 - The drums start out nice, and the piano is a good component for the theme, but in the end the song doesn't pull together.
#20 - You're awesome.
#22 - Nice, but doesn't quite have that "epic journey" sound.
#23 - Good effort for Mario Paint Composer.
#25 - It's good after the harsh string intro, but it manages to bridge the "floaty" and "epic" variations of this theme without really committing to either.
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