Changing my username

Hello dear RMN team,

I have a question, how can I change my username. I literaly hate it haha, it's my old beatboxing name.
If somebody could help me tha would be awesome.

Kind of regards

[RMMV] Title screen SOLVED

Hey guys,

I need your help, I made a title screen for my game. With the same pixels as Book.png but if I put import it in my game it isn't the same size.

Help please.

Introduction Jarbeat


My name is Jelle I'm from Belgium for now im 23 years old I will be 24 the first of september. I have 2 kids, my hobby's are martial arts and working (is that even a hobby?).

If my gramatics or my words or sentence not good, please correct me.
Back in the days I worked allot with RMXP, I made allot of projects.
Hogwarts Your Life
etc etc...

But sadly I did not finished them.
I'm starting a new project called Monsteria a Pokémon look-a-like. More about that soon :).

Got any questions, shoot ^^
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