Just joined to try to get my RPG out there and get peoples opinions on it. I also
Joined to play other peoples games and to review them

US Army Infantry veteran

closet nerd



Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

ALmost done

Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

appreciate it guys! ill be putting some time in to fix everything soon! I always enjoy feedback

Demon Apocalypse(Demo V1.2)

damn.. that sucks because the game gets good after that. alright thanks ill fix it.
If you saved before doing this you can still pass him and continue on. Just bring the dog to the boy and go straight into the woods and find Abby


where did you get these tile sets?


Amazing game!!! 5 stars for sure! Kinda wish i didnt play it.. now my game seems like poop


Cool thanks for the link. Like i said i dont usually snap at people. I actually wanted to delete the comment but it was to late. You both made some really good points and i have taken them into consideration. I appreciate feedback whether its good or bad and i will use yall's to fix my maps. thanks again :)


#$%# YOU! just kidding haha. Im just frustrated because i put alot of time into the game and dont care for hearing 4 complaints from one person. My bad i am usually good at taking criticism. I just read these comments early in the morning and was angry. After a couple of cups of coffee 10 min later i apologized

i would much rather get feedback about my actual game and not the pics i posted of it.


but if you wana team up and help me out that would be much appreciated


Your comments almost seem hypocritical after looking at your games and their quality. The fact that you are trolling all over my images and posting things you dont like about them kinda upsets me.


appreciate the feedback ill keep it in mind
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