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Dragon's Dream
With the help of friends and allies, set forth to retake Ruce and defeat Askook, Champion of the Skies.



Spirit Recollection

So! I played a little bit of the game (around 20 minutes or so). It's not a bad game... but it could use little work in certain areas.

+ Nice mapping. It's only overly crowded or too open. Maybe a few of the interiors could be reduced in size.
+ The plot is interesting. It's a little cliche... but it's overall fun. I was interested in seeing what came next.
- The music was iffy. It's RTP, which I'm not sure why. I mean, RMN now has its own music pack. You just have to download it and pick the ones you think fit the scene the best.
- The writing could use a little work. Actually, a lot of work. This is probably the game's biggest problem right now. Some dialogue even appears and disappears instantly, making it impossible to read. It seems like the dialogue would fit more of a modern-day setting, instead of a medieval-fantasy one.

Edit: Also, I've subscribed. :)


This game is just awesome. It's easily one of the better futuristic games to come out of VX Ace.


Not too bad. Looks good.


Oh, good... Clowns. Everyone loves clowns.


This is really nice. I like it.


Open hangars? Huh.


The red is hard to read.

Bad Times

Take as long as you need, Wendeoo. And I'm sorry for your loss.


Those are wall tiles that you're using as ceiling tiles. Oh, and the throne room is really small.


It sounds better as: "Descend down into the sewer?"