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Monster World Legends
A 30th anniversary tribute to the legendary Wonder Boy franchise.



Battle System: An In-Depth Look

Sorry for the re-upload everyone. I was trying to press "Preview" and accidentally clicked "Submit" long before the blog was done.

Monster World RPG

Don't even bother with this. 100MB+ for a game that takes forever to level up or make any money in. Not worth the time it takes to do anything.

It's an RPG that was over a decade in development. What, did you expect the resources to just fall in your lap?

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Thank you! :) I am sorry about the level screen problem. I see now that was a bad design choice XD. Thank you for mentioning it! I'll be sure to make it more clear next time. There will most likely be at least one more playable build until the final game is released.

As for Ellie's pet evolving, it was in consideration when developing her. In the final/polish states of the game, that might just happen...

Progress/Next Guest(s) Reveal

Yay for Yae :D

Clever XD. I might use that in the game somewhere.

Need help recovering lost content

Hello everyone, something has been bothering me for an extremely long time. This in particular has to deal with a wealth of unused/scrapped content from the Sega Genesis classic; Monster World 4. This image includes 20 sheets that include things such as...

  • Unused NPCs(LOTS of them)

  • Items

  • An entire playable character(Asha's male equivalent)

  • Objects

  • Attack effects

  • Frames of NPCs who used to walk, but now just stand still

  • A dark version of the queen

The sheet is below and can also be found here...

Monster World IV Lost Sheet

The name of the developer who is responsible for these as well as Asha's design is Maki Ohzora. I'm not sure what is the best way to go about getting these since these will never be used for anything or by anyone anytime soon. This would be a dream come true if I were able to get my hands on these in pixel perfect format.

If we are unable to contact her and/or find something that can clean these up, the last resort will be having to create or recreate them myself. Is there anyone who'd be willing to help me out with this? I'd greatly appreciate it.


I've never been a fan of leveling things like that one-at-a-time. Like, having to 'equip' it and then work on it by itself, to the exclusion of the others.

Oh, don't worry, the only thing you equip one at a time is the bond ability. You can still increase another character's bond level without having their ability equipped. That way you won't be forced to have it on in order to increase the level and be able to multitask. You can also switch bond abilities on the fly, so I believe that will become really useful.

The simplest example I can give is the rich woman will take gold bars for 1000 gold at first. But, if you equip her ability "Money Maker", she will take it for an additional 200 for every level you gain(which is increased by selling gold bars to her). However, you can still complete someone else's quest to increase their bond level or equip a different ability. Just keep in mind that when you do equip a different ability, she will go back to selling it for 1000 gold.

Bonus points to anyone that gets why the last effect was put in XD.


How does Bonding work in practice? Is it just applying points you collect in stages to level them up?

Good question! When you meet an important NPC or character, they will be added to your bond menu. When you select their bond, you equip the ability of that character. You can only equip one bond at a time and they level up in numerous ways.

For instance, the rich woman's bond level increases every time you sell her a gold bar and if you equip her ability, you'll gain money in ways you normally wouldn't otherwise. The higher the bond level, the more something increases or happens. Bond levels also increase a lot when you clear a quest for certain characters.

But you also bring up a very good point. Having some sort of bond item to increase their level by one would be great to have. I'll definitely consider it.

Change of Focus


Thanks man, I'm glad as well. I believe it is nice to have versatility in a game, but there is a fine line between a want and a need of each system/mechanic. Sometimes, it's best to keep things simple and newcomer friendly. Besides, if I use all my ideas for one game, then what is left for the future ones? I don't plan on quitting making games any time soon, so ideas may as well be scrapped and saved for later so each project doesn't feel the same.


That's good to hear! It's good to know that this helped in some way. There is nothing wrong with expanding your project in the least, but as you've probably experienced, when you add one new mechanic, you may have to balance another and it keeps stacking on for as long as you keep adding them in.

For example, in this game, everything changed when the skill grid, full party selection, multiple healing methods, and abilities were introduced and made the game significantly easier due to everything being catered toward the player. So in order to compensate for that, the overall difficulty was increased and several systems prior to it such as equipment and character stats had to be tweaked.

Over the years, the game has been constantly repainted over and over again when new skills were learned or new concepts were introduced and the main reasoning was because I didn't plan nor did I make a solid design document. Of course at the time I didn't know any better but we all live and learn. I hope things get situated with your project(s) as well. I'll be sure to check them out and thank you for subscribing!

Need help with story structure

I apologize for being too vague. It was kind of hard to word out. I'll try to be more clear in the future. With that said, a lot of this is helpful! The structure of Mega Man or Chrono Trigger is a great point to bring up. Something that is open, but not all the time. I've been wanting that kind of freedom, but with linearity scattered here and there to add some variety.

I like the idea of being able to travel to almost anywhere in the game right off the bat, but only certain power ups, abilities, or characters will allow you to access the secret areas or items. Of course, sometimes this spoils the surprise of seeing what areas are coming up next because you can easily see one area, leave, and then go to another area. But, that is to be expected in that kind of structure. Then again, Mega Man 7 and 8 did something where you could only tackle 4 stages at a time instead of the 8.

You got me thinking a lot here. I'll take everything into consideration :)

Need help with story structure

Hello everyone, there has been something I've been wanting to discuss regarding a project I'm working on and its been bugging me for days on end. At this point in time, the mapping and mechanics are all pretty much deep in development and many of them are complete. However, the story structure has been bothering me a whole lot because I feel many parts of them would ruin the experience altogether.

The game itself is a crossover in which one of the characters gets lost in a completely different world. The vision I had throughout the years called for that character to cross over to this world only and go home at the ending similar to the structure of the Wizard of Oz or others of its kind. A story that revolves around going to unfamiliar territory, meeting lots of new people, and finally returning to where it all began.

But lately, there have been certain circumstances(not going into detail) and ideas tainting the vision I originally had and turning it into something unnecessary. The game being designed pretty much has all the resources needed to make a variety of stages and content with one world alone. There isn't a need for two ice areas and two water areas and two desert areas and so on. It would just become redundant(at least in my opinion). It seemed like a good idea at first, but the deeper the game went into development, the more I realized, it wasn't.

What story structure do you think would be the most fitting for something like this? One world with a large variety of different areas or both worlds with similar kinds of areas?